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Canon 5D Mark II book on becomes blogospheric oopsie

By the time the erroneous posting was explained away, it had been covered by many of the big blog sites.

Canon Rebel XT

EOS 5D ripe for replacement

(Credit: CNET Networks)

There's something to be said for missing a big rumor because of a national holiday. Unless there's some real information, I don't really care about posting every time a new product name surfaces in software, or in this case, on a book title on

While I was relaxing on my day off, non-vacationing bloggers had already spread the rumor about a Canon 5D Mark II book appearing on (Engadget, PhotographyBay, Gizmodo, and lots more), which was then discredited by the book's publisher in a Dpreview forum as simply a placeholder entry.

Frankly, my initial reaction on seeing the book post was that Wiley's time frame seemed awfully ambitious. The author's book on the relatively elderly EOS 5D only came out last month, so I thought it a bit odd that she'd manage to get out a new book, on an unshipped camera, by November.

Of course, it's still quite likely that we'll see a 5D replacement sometime this year and that we'll probably hear some fairly accurate details about it from a blog site way before Canon decides to put out an official pronouncement. At least we haven't seen any hissy fits from Canon reps about a Web full of misinformation, like Adobe Systems' John Nack posted this weekend.