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Candy Crush, Outlook among top battery-sucking Android apps?

An analysis of which apps most suck the life out of your phone's battery claims that two well-known names are near the top.

Candy Crush/Google Play screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There are apps, just as there are lovers, that are high maintenance.

They constantly appeal for your attention, while at the same time sucking the very life blood from your being.

Well, in the apps' case, from your phone.

Some are simply more high maintenance than others. At least that's what a study performed by KS Mobile, makers of the Battery Doctor app, indicates.

KS Mobile decided to examine which Android apps trigger a warning to smartphone users about their own battery consumption levels with the highest frequency.

What an eclectic list emerged.

In first place was the camera app Camera360 Ultimate. This claims 180 million users around the world and says it makes your life "even easier."

I am all for something (or somebody) making my life easier. This study, however, suggests there might be slight kinks to this app's ease.

In second place was Microsoft's Outlook.com app. This may have "8 different color themes to personalize your experience," but if this study is to be believed, it sucks the color out of your phone's battery.

After these two comes the EZ Weather Forecast and Widget, followed by TV and movies app Viki.

The list is completed by walkie-talkie app Zello PTT; gaming app Temple Run 2; Imo free video calls and text; and two more games: Racing Moto and Fruit Ninja.

Fruit Ninja is an app whose makers describe it as a game with "squishy, splatty, and satisfying fruit carnage."

There is nothing like splattiness on your morning commute, is there? So please make sure you have enough battery for it.

The Android app sneaking in at number 10 might interest more than a few. For it is Candy Crush Saga. Yes, this crushingly addictive being is allegedly a juice-sucker.

KS Mobile believes you should practice "smart battery preservation." This includes disabling automatic time zones and clock; reducing the frequency of push notifications; and even turning off GPS unless you absolutely need it.

It even suggests that charging your phone via a power outlet is more effective than charging through a USB port.

Yes, all this so you can play more Candy Crush.

Of course, you could always get yourself a separate phone just for gaming. And, of course, for e-mailing your secret lover on Outlook.