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Can you see me now?

New eyeglasses show movies and the real world beyond.

Lumus has come out with optic lenses on glasses that offer a see-through, high-resolution color screen. A patented Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) projects the image onto the eye while making it appear to be in the distance. Lumus worked on getting the technology into glasses, instead of the more conspicuous goggles offered by companies like Mirage Innovations.


With the Mirage Innovations product, users can see an image similar to one they'd see watching a 42-inch TV from 7 feet away. Lumus' miniature projector/LCD microdisplay offers the view of a 60-inch TV from 10 feet away.

The image projected by the Lumus technology is also somewhat transparent, so the eyeglass wearer can still view what's happening beyond the glass.

Lumus will demonstrating the new video glasses at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January.

Israel21c focused on this new trend in eyeglass entertainment, and interviewed the scientist behind the invention.