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Can you beat Zuckerberg when it comes to Facebook privacy?

The newly created Realistic Facebook Privacy Simulator offers you the chance to see just how smart you are with respect to your Facebook privacy.

If he's dancing, that's not a good thing.
Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

My gym has started a new class. It's called "Facebook Fun Fitness." It's designed to keep you in the most alert shape to keep abreast of Facebook's privacy changes.

It involves a lot of squatting, so that you can duck Facebook's ever-moving eyes. There are copious stomach crunches. In the event that Facebook exposes a topless picture of you, these ensure you will be looking your best.

Having taken a couple of these classes, I thought I'd be ready for the Realistic Facebook Privacy Simulator.

This is a new tool that tests your alertness and swiftness to ever-changing Facebook privacy controls.

You can check all the boxes you like, but you can never win. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When you begin the simulator, you have 20 seconds to make three difficult choices.

Here are some sample questions.

Are you fine if Facebook ensures that you "automatically 'like' any porn you watch?" Come on, it's a simple yes or no.

How about if Facebook decided to "automatically tag me when I look drunk?" Your options are "no" and "yesh."

And what if Facebook chose to "block all 'so inspirational, LOL share this' images?"

You have to think and move very quickly. As you move through the levels, I am told the questions become more and more complex.

You might think that your chances of winning cannot be great. After all, in the current world, only Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is entitled to true privacy, as his recent purchase of four neighboring houses shows.

So let me tell you what happens if you lose. You are treated to Zuckerberg's gleeful head, not on a platter, but perched on a lady's dancing body.

I have tried playing this simulator 30 times now. I have not beaten Facebook once.

I suspect that is the point.