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Can the Night's Watch Boyfriend Pillow protect you from wildlings?

Love "Game of Thrones" but don't have a significant other to watch Season 5 with? Cuddle up to a custom pillow that will make you feel like you're hugging a man of the Night's Watch.

Lucy Watson gets comfy with her new boyfriend, a pillow (or is it a crow?) of the Night's Watch. NOW TV

Like the idea of snuggling up to a bae as you watch Season 5 of HBO's "Game of Thrones"?

One self-described "Game of Thrones" lover, "Made in Chelsea" actress Lucy Watson, has decided she'd rather have a cuddle partner who doesn't talk through all those stabbings and hot fire-breathing-dragon moments. So, she partnered with UK streaming service NOW TV to make a Night's Watch Boyfriend Pillow.

Like the men defending The Wall from the wildlings, giants and the White Walkers who lurk beyond, the Night's Watch Boyfriend Pillow is dressed in the customary black cloak, and comes with a huggable arm and a full-length cape that can serve as a blanket to keep you warm.

Sadly, you can't buy one of these for yourself, as the only ones that have been made are Lucy's personal boyfriend pillow and a few that NOW TV is giving away ahead of Season 5, which lands on April 12. But if you're crafty and don't mind a project, you can make a Night's Watch Boyfriend Pillow of your own in time for the next season of HBO's hit show. It doesn't look like it'd be a tremendously difficult project, and a pillow boyfriend is arguably much more low-maintenance than a real one.