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Can Samsung outsmart the Roomba?

The "Hauzen" automatically draws a map of its work area.


How do you come up with a vacuuming bot that can compete with the Roomba, which has become a household word? (A least in Michael Kanellos' house anyway.) Answer: Make it smarter.

That, at least is apparently the strategy of Samsung, which has created its own OCD bot called the "Hauzen VC-RE70V" for the Korean market, according to I4U News. This self-motivated sanitation engineer surveys its premises with a built-in camera, then automatically draws a map that shows where it needs to clean and, just as important, where it's already been so it doesn't waste energy. When it does need more juice, it knows how to find its charging station and remembers where it left off when resuming its duties all by itself.

There's only one question that remains. Can it be programmed to deliver beer?