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Can 'Budclicks' become the next 'Jibbitz'?

Earbud decorations are based on the same principle.

Chip Chick

At first glance these "Budclicks" might just seem like the latest gimmick to customize your earbuds, an accessory to an accessory. But lest you write them off, consider the history of the "Jibbitz," the wildly popular doodads that kids love to stick on their Crocs.

That idea was started by a stay-at-home mom, who created the decorations with her three children in the basement of their Colorado house--before selling her business to Crocs Inc. for $10 million. Budclicks, as far as we can tell, is essentially the same thing for earphones, at $10 to $15 a pop for a pair of plastic clip-on that are likely made for pennies in a Chinese factory. If they have a fraction of the Jibbitz's success, we could be seeing them everywhere.