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Can anyone in space hear you scream? Scientists try to find out

Some Cambridge scientists are recording people with extreme vocal expression, and will send into space a cell phone packing none but the best screams.

Louder. Louder.
CUSpaceflight/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Some screams come from the gut.

Yes, just like that horrible monster thing in "Alien."

Now scientists with only extreme discovery in their locker of ambition have decided to learn, once and for all, whether a scream in outer space can awaken alien ears.

The Cambridge University Spaceflight team behind this experiment are truly committed explorers.

They have created a video featuring Albert Einstein -- or at least a posh-speaking version of him.

The idea is very simple. They want you to go to YouTube and record your best and most frightening, piercing scream. Indeed, the scientists want you to scream "in a creative way."

They will then select their 10 favorites, slip them onto a Android phone -- it has to be an Android, which surely sounds more scary space-like -- and will send them up into space in a nanosatellite.

The next step will be to play the screams through the phone's speaker.

The scientists will have a microphone ready, waiting for a reaction from outer beings.

I was, naturally, joking above about why an Android phone is being used. For a Scream In Space spokesman told the Daily Mail:

In coming up with this idea, we thought about what features the Android phone has which are not usually present on conventional satellites -- and naturally the speaker and microphone are two such components. It would seem a shame not to leverage the power of these additions, and so the idea was born.

Indeed, at some point in the space flight, the scientists hope that the Android phone will be working so well that they will switch off the satellite's microcomputer and manipulate the satellite -- at least in part -- only with the use of the phone.

I have embedded a sample scream below. Please be very careful when you listen to it. It is quite painful.

Please be less careful when you are recording your own. The future of our planet might depend on your ability to be heard.