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Can any screen be turned into a tablet?

'Laptop Tablet' from Navisis clips to any flat screen


Digital tablets are great, especially now that they've come down to relatively reasonable prices. But what if you don't have room on your cramped desk for yet another external device like Wacom's "Bamboo"? Navisis claims to have the answer with its "Laptop Tablet," which the Korean company says can turn any screen into a tablet with software that calibrates the pixel-point location of its stylus, according to Gizmag.

The sensor device, which is expected to retail for about $130, looks something like a clip-on Webcam that can be attached to the edge of an LCD and connected to a USB port. One version of the mini-system, which reportedly uses ultrasonic and infrared waves, even has a wireless stylus so you won't need to be inhibited during a wildly inspired Picasso session. But don't get too carried away--remember, most computer screens weren't designed for constant contact.