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Campers' dream: Flashlight/emergency whistle/raver toy

Life+Gear's little 200 Hour GlowStick serves several purposes.

The 200 Hour GlowStick sells for $6 at venues including Home Depot, Target, and the Red Cross Web site.

Given that I'm a city girl about to go camping for the first time in years, I couldn't help but pay attention when information on Life+Gear's 200 Hour GlowStick popped up in my in-box.

The glow-handled LED flashlight offers 200 operational hours on three replaceable AG-13 batteries (first set included). LED flashlights, of course, aren't new, but this one also functions as an emergency flasher and a signaling glow stick. And that's not all campers. The little GlowStick has a built-in high-decibel whistle, just in case you get lost or a bear shows up (wait, are bears repelled by noise or drawn to it? Help, I'm an urban girl!).

The $6 multitasking gadget promises a lifespan of 10,000 hours--probably way more camping than I'll undertake in my lifetime. It floats, is water-resistant, and uses 100 percent recyclable components. And, and as added bonus, it comes in red, blue, green, and orange. You know what that means, don't you? Rave in the woods!