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Campaign aims to turn Kansas town into real Smallville

Hutchinson, Kan., has so many similarities to Superman's Smallville that a dedicated group of comics fans are trying to change the town's name.

Facebook Smallville campaign
This should give Metropolis, Ill., a run for its money.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Turns out Smallville may be real after all. Superman's fictional home on our planet has some suspicious similarities to the town of Hutchinson, Kan. There's now an active Facebook campaign to rename Hutchinson as Smallville.

The campaign has culled facts from various Superman sources, including graphic novels, comic books, and the "Smallville" TV series, to find ways Hutchinson statistically matches up.

Here are some of the overlaps. Smallville is on the Arkansas River. So is Hutchinson. Smallville has a population of 45,000 people. Hutchinson has 42,080. They are both located in agricultural areas. The nearest big city for each is about three hours away (Metropolis for Smallville and Kansas City for Hutchinson).

Of course, it wouldn't be Smallville without the occasional meteor shower. Fortunately, Hutchinson has had its share of meteor sightings. That area of Kansas has quite a few meteors littered about in its fields. Who's to say some of them aren't from Krypton?

Adding to the intrigue, Hutchinson is also home to the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, a museum with spacecraft on display. The real Kansas town also has a Clark Road and a Kent Road. Case closed? That's good enough for me.