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Camp out under the world with this OLED Earth

Located in a Tokyo museum and made up of over 10,000 OLEDs, this globe makes the world look better than ever.

They say camping is a joy because you get to sleep under the stars. Tokyo's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation trumps that -- it lets you sleep under the world.

The Museum's centerpiece is a gorgeous globe, 6 metres in diameter and lit up with 10,362 OLED panels. Spectacular during the day, the Museum sweetens the deal in autumn, when it sporadically opens overnight to let customers bring in their sleeping bags and camp under the globe's splendor.

Called the Geo-Cosmos, it was developed by German artist Ingo Günther and actually does more than look pretty. Along with a 90-day satellite feed of the world's weather patterns, the OLED globe displays global life expediencies, world trade information, languages spoken by country and, perhaps most interestingly, global searching trends based on country thanks to a partnership with Google.

The Geo-Cosmos has been a main attraction for the museum since its first opening in Tokyo in 2011. So, should you find yourself coming to Japan during the end of the year, perhaps you can ponder our planet for a night.

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