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Cameron Diaz's love life syncs to several iPads in 'Sex Tape'

"Sex Tape," staring Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz, is a comedy about what happens when something very private goes public.

Cameron is not happy. UPInl/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Nobody understands the cloud. It's a mystery.

These words, spoken by actor Jason Segel, form the crux of a new movie that's due to be released in the US on July 18.

As the trailer for "Sex Tape" reveals, Segal and his wife, played by Cameron Diaz, seek to spice up the love life by making a sex tape. The problem with making sex tapes, or so I understand, is keeping them secure.

Where should you store them? How should you label them ("Mom's fitness video")? What happens if your tape disappears up to the cloud and down to far more iPads than you'd like?

"Sex Tape," a comedy, follows the couple's frantic attempt to find and delete their sex tape after it automatically syncs with the cloud and several iPads in the hands of friends and family. Often, though, comedy is the best way to present a tragedy.

Will we all have to get used to the idea that those closest to us, as well as those we don't know, will peer into our private lives on a regular basis? Just because, you know, that privacy thing has become both passe and excessively complicated.

Or will a genius come along one day to present a system of encryption so simple, and yet so perfect, that we'll be able to walk freely through Web-world?

I have a feeling the former is more likely than the latter.

So if you're thinking of making an intimate movie with your paramour, I suggest you shoot it in some old -fashioned way, where the evidence is physical, rather than digital.