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Camera Armor Seattle Sling bag for soggy photogs

Camera Armor, a leader in protective accessories for cameras and digital SLRs, announces the Seattle Sling waterproof camera bag.

Camera Armor
Camera Armor

What price are you willing to pay to keep your camera and equipment protected from weather, water, or your own misfortune? Camera Armor's Seattle Sling waterproof bag tagged at $149.95 seems very fair, especially for those who carry thousands of dollars worth of gear.

The bag's zipper-free design includes a sealed, air-tight dry bag inside along with strong clips so the bag stays put, but still gives you easy access.

The waterproof dry bag also features four adjustable dividers to keep your lenses, batteries, flashes, etc., all safe and cozy, regardless of what's going on outside. Speaking of the outside, the exterior of the bag has straps for larger equipment, like tripods.

The Seattle Sling is available now.