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Cambridge SoundWorks i765: The ultimate all-in-one tabletop AV system?

The newly announced i765 combines a CD/DVD player, AM/FM clock radio, dual alarm, and an iPod dock in one fairly compact unit.

Cambridge SoundWorks i765 with iPod touch
Consider the i765 a pint-sized home theater system
Cambridge SoundWorks

When we first saw the Polk Audio I-Sonic, we dubbed it a "home theater in a shoebox." But now the all-in-one I-Sonic finally looks to have some competition in the form of the Cambridge SoundWorks i765. At first glance, the product looks like a doppelganger of the company's Radio CD 745i, but adds DVD playback and a top-mounted iPod dock to the AM/FM radio, CD player, and dual-alarm system found on that earlier model. The price is a hefty $500, but that's $100 less than that of the I-Sonic, which lacks the iPod dock but includes digital HD Radio and support (with an add-on antenna dongle and monthly subscription) for XM satellite radio.

Our main dings on the 745i were its relative lack of features (versus something like the I-Sonic) and the clunky outboard iPod dock--both of which the 765i seems to remedy. We're hoping to get a review sample in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you should soon be able to find the i765 for sale online and at select Apple stores.