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Cam-glasses for the bungling detective

It won't fool anyone


As spy gadgetry is concerned, this one isn't exactly 007 smooth. It's quite the opposite, actually, in that talk-into-my-carnation kind of way.

Although this product is presumably meant for covert activities--it's being sold on Spycatcher, after all--these "Spy Sunglasses" are basically a pair of shades with a camera stuck on the side, about as camouflaged as a snowman in a coal mine. It would go perfectly with the Discovery wrist cam in the Department of Glaringly Obvious.

Besides, now that we can sneak a video feed with a pinhole camera built into a tie, who would need anything else? But if you do end up getting the camera glasses, you might also want to consider another gadget for the inevitable lulls in espionage: You can always pop a "Teleglass" onto the other lens and watch a movie.