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Calvin and Hobbes set out on a Lego adventure

This Lego build of "Calvin and Hobbes" will whisk you back to your care-free days of childhood.

"Hobbes, if you could wish for anything, what would it be?" Calvin asks. "A big, sunny field to be in," Hobbes replies.Simon Liu/Flickr

Bill Watterson's comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes" is a masterpiece, and easily (though arguably) one of the best comic strips of all time. "Calvin and Hobbes" beautifully captured the imaginative world of childhood, while at the same time dealing out insightful looks at complicated issues, often all within the same strip. This strip about how to manage the many demands of adulthood, especially after having kids, is my spirit animal as a new(ish) parent.

That's why I was delighted to see this awesome, intricate Lego build of "Calvin and Hobbes" from Evan the Lego Junkie and Simon Liu from The Brothers Brick. The build captures one of the most defining images of Calvin and Hobbes, where the duo balance on a log they're crossing while setting out on their next adventure.

Evan, who built Calvin, and Simon, who built Hobbes, completed the build in just one week. They worked together via Skype since they're in different parts of the world, and used the Lego Digital Designer software to remotely help each other on various aspects of the build. The completed product was displayed at BrickCon Seattle in early October. If you'd like to see it in person, the build will be on display at the 2015 Brickworld convention in Chicago in June 2015.

It may not be the most intricate Lego build we've seen recently, but just looking at this joyful build of the playful duo gives us the warm fuzzies. Check out the images in this post, and check out each of their Flickr pages linked above for a few more pictures of the build.

Don't you just want to grab Lego Hobbes and give him a big tiger hug?Simon Liu/Flickr

(Via Gizmodo)