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'Calvin and Hobbes' creator Bill Watterson makes rare comics showing

Normally a very secretive guy, Bill Watterson has been surprisingly active this year. His latest comic for France's 2015 Angouleme International Comics Festival is amazingly good.

Bill Watterson's latest comic shows us why we love comic strips.Angouleme International Comics Festival

Bill Watterson, the mastermind behind "Calvin and Hobbes," is a bit of a recluse. After retiring the beloved comic strip in 1995, Watterson hasn't really lent his artistic hand to any new works, and he tries very hard to keep himself out of the spotlight.

That's changed a bit in 2014, which has proven to be a very active year for Watterson. He agreed to draw the title poster for "Stripped," a documentary about the comic book industry that debuted earlier this year, and he secretly drew a handful of comic strips for the syndicated Pearls Before Swine comic strip as part of a charity effort.

On Wednesday, the world was treated to yet another Watterson masterpiece, this one a 15-panel megastrip for France's 2015 Angouleme International Comics Festival. The comic beautifully captures our love of comic strips, and Watterson chose to not use any words in the strip to highlight the universal appeal of comics and their ability to break down language barriers.

The 2014 Festival awarded Watterson with its highest honor, the Grand Prix award, and Watterson in turn agreed to design the poster for the 2015 event. Safe to say, this is probably one of the best posters the festival has ever had, and given how active Watterson has been in 2014, we hope his itch to draw amazing comics is returning and we'll start to see new stuff from the beloved cartoonist.

(Via Time)