Calorie Shaper: Fat-burning Japanese undies

Underwear uses a special material that makes your butt work harder while you move. All that resistance is supposed to burn more calories than the Hanes you usually wear.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Calorie Shaper underwear

Calorie Shaper: More subtle than a ThighMaster.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Americans are always looking for ways to drop weight without actually doing anything. That's why the Calorie Shaper line of underwear out of Japan is so enticing.

The fabric of the unmentionables features a honeycomb structure that theoretically forces your body to work harder to move. All that resistance is supposed to burn calories, but I'm more concerned about chafing.

Calorie Shapers--which, from what we can see online, sell for between $30 and $38 per pair--are available in training and daily-life versions. The daily-life option is designed to hide under your usual clothing so no one will suspect you're actually exercising as you stroll down the office hallway with a doughnut in your hand.

The Google Translate version of the Calorie Shaper site is a little sketchy, but I can make out the disclaimer loud and clear: "There are individual differences in effect."

Calorie Shaper underwear

These sure look comfortable. (Click to enlarge.)

Calorie Shaper

That means that wearing Calorie Shaper panties while eating ice cream bonbons on the couch probably won't have much impact on overall weight loss. The underwear's instructions do specify that you need to accomplish a certain amount of physical activity each day.

Of course, if you managed to accomplish enough physical activity each day, you probably wouldn't need to wear Calorie Shaper skivvies in the first place.

The weight loss underwear joins a long line of intimate innovations from Japan. We've already witnessed used bras being turned into fuel; a manhunter bra that has an LED countdown to a woman's target marriage date; and a bra that also grows rice.

Check out this maddeningly catchy Calorie Shaper song and dance routine that implies the underwear will turn every day into a holiday.

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