Caffeine-infused lingerie claims to blast fanny fat

The latest attempt at a quick fat fix comes in the form of slinky undergarments made from a fabric infused with vitamin E and caffeine.

It's more expensive than an espresso.
Simone Perele

There are many ways you can attempt to fight fat. You can exercise and revamp your diet or you can try slipping into some super-slinky French undies. Not just any French undies will do. A new line of Top Model shapewear from French lingerie designer Simone Perele comes with lacy trim and some interesting cellulite-fighting claims.

We've already seen Wrangler jeans with infused moisturizers and underwear made with copper, so I guess it should come as no surprise that we can now buy shapewear infused with caffeine, vitamin E, Retinol, ceramides, fatty acids, and aloe vera. Those extras, encapsulated in the microfiber fabric, rub off on your skin as you wear it.

According to Simone Perele, this lingerie line is the result of 10 years of research; though, the company doesn't specify what that research entailed. The designer says this "is the first lace and Lycra beauty microfiber collection that sculpts and refines your body while gradually working toward reducing the appearance of cellulite."

So, does applying caffeine to your derriere really make a difference? There's some controversy on the subject, but a 2006 review of the research into caffeine's impact on cellulite from a Vanderbilt health psychology student concludes, "Despite the rising claims from cosmetic companies and the multiple women's magazines that tout these creams as miracle products, the scientific support is inconsistent and minimal."

You can pick up a Top Model high-waist brief for $68 or a high-waist shaper for $78. If that seems like too much, then you might try popping over to your local independently owned coffee shop, ordering a triple espresso, waiting for it to cool, and pouring it down your pants.

(Via The Daily Mail)