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BuzzLogic's ad network exits beta

Called the Conversation Ad Network, the new addition to the clogged ad-network market tries to differentiate itself by using the "influence targeting" technology that BuzzLogic offers to clients.

BuzzLogic, a start-up that tracks "influence" across the confusing blog landscape, has pushed its ad network out of beta to a full release.

The "Conversation Ad Network" debuted in beta mode in June and uses BuzzLogic's influence-tracking technology as a way to draw in both advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers are promised access to the most influential bloggers in their niches, and bloggers with that influence are offered more lucrative deals.

Prior to launching the ad network, BuzzLogic purchased ActiveWeave, manufacturer of browser plug-in BlogRovr, to shape it into a tool for clients. Then, during its beta period, the BuzzLogic network enticed bloggers to join by offering them guaranteed $2 CPM (clicks per thousand impressions) ad rates.

"We've seen a strong correlation between campaign effectiveness and the quality blogs our technology is able to surface since launching our targeting platform last year--now we're expanding our targeting approach to our own network of sites," BuzzLogic CEO Rob Crumpler said in a release. "In this fragmented media environment, it has become clear that a popular site isn't necessarily influential when it comes to niche subject areas. Many lesser-known blogs have the capability to deliver great advertising results, they're just not getting paid for it."

There are seemingly zillions of ad networks out there, but BuzzLogic's technology for niche influence targeting gives it a leg up. The company said that over 500 sites have already joined the network in its beta phase.