Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1151: NASA, park the shuttle on blocks

Among the news of China picking a fight with the U.S. over Google, and Jammie Thomas getting her fine reduced, there's a goldmine idea for NASA.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
3 min read

Amid the news of China picking a fight with the U.S. over Google, and Jammie Thomas-Rasset getting her fine reduced, we've got a goldmine idea for NASA. Gene wrote in to explain that instead of selling off the shuttles, NASA can just leave them parked at the space station. And we took it further with some suggestions of how and where to park them and what to do with them afterward.

Watch this: Ep. 1151: NASA, park the shuttle on blocks


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RE: Buzz Out Loud #1148 - NASA to dispose of space shuttles

My suggestion to NASA is to dock the remaining space shuttles at the international space station, then let the crews return to Earth via a conventional reentry vehicle (launched from a separate rocket.) So, by creating a parking lot in space, we don't have to worry about tile failures, etc. and the remaining shuttles would complement the future Orion program.

Are there any NASA employees in Buzz town? I hope they're listening.

Also, if NASA is looking for passengers, sign me up. Sorry Cooley. :-)

Lovetheshow! – Gene


Hi Buzz Crew -

I just read in USA Today that the international space station now has Internet Access. Astronaut TJ Creamer is now twittering to us from way up there. Please see the following link:


Love the show.

Ryan R


Hello Buzz Crew,

I am only half kidding when I say that this may be the screen to go in the Apple Tablet. Now, the article is really long to read on the show, so let me sum it up real quick. Mary Lou Jepsen has found a way to integrate a “mirror” into an led screen so that the back light can be turned off and it can be operated in a black and white mode that looks almost like a conventional e-ink screen, consuming 1/5th the power as when the back light is on. But flip the backlight back on, and you have a normal lcd screen! She says she is shipping into tablets(Apple?), net-books, and e-readers, and that the manufacturing costs won’t get higher because you can use pre-existing lcd factories. She also shows off a working screen right in the article!

Just a Thought,
Miles from Texas

The article mentions a Qualcomm competitor(Mirasol) that creates pixels by moving tiny metal pieces in a display to change how light is reflected off them, Apple has used Qualcomm