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Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1143: Google is sorry... you feel that way?

Google apologized to China for miscommunication over its scanning of books. But that didn't stop it from scanning the books. Or even get it to apologize for scanning the books.

Google apologized to China for miscommunication over its scanning of books. But that didn't stop it from scanning the books. Or even get it to apologize for scanning the books. Also Microsoft Word is no longer sold, at least for a brief period of time. And the Apple rumors are ramping up.

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Hi Buzz Crew,

I have a question and a suggestion regarding 3D technology in TV's. First, why do you need a 3D TV to watch 3D? What is the difference between a 3D and a non-3D TV? It seems that you wouldn't need special technology in the TV to display 3D, because all it is as far as I know is doing special kind of doubling of the image on the screen. Second, wouldn't you be able to put a huge piece of the polarized material in the 3D glasses on your TV so that it covers the whole TV? It seems that putting that material so that it covers the TV would allow you to have 3D without glasses. I appreciate any thoughts on my question and suggestion.

Ross from CT


Hey Guys,

Good job covering CES and a well earned day off for Monday.

Just thought I’d pass along this, the so called unbreakable phone, broken by a BBC reporter.


Thought it was funny,

Love the show,
David Toms,
Birmingham, UK.