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Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1137: Tech predictions for 2010

We count down our top ten (or so) predictions in the world of technology for 2010.

We count down our top ten (or so) predictions in the world of technology for 2010. Enjoy!

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Tom's Predictions for 2010:
Apple Tablet will come out in the summer and be $899
3DTV will be the big marketing push
Project Natal will launch but be overshadowed
Machine-to-machine connections will become a thing
Enterprise cloud services will be huge with companies like IBM and Oracle getting in to counter Google
More netbook-specific versions of software
Goodbye Palm
IBM will get back into hardware
HP will come out with a compelling IPTV box that includes cable.

Molly’s Predictions for 2010:
WiMax drools, LTE4 rules — WiMax rollouts will stall and LTE4 will take off like a rocket.
Google will blend Android and the Chrome OS into one offering
Microsoft will introduce a tablet.
Apple will not.
Palm will fold or be purchased.
Microsoft will make a Zune phone.
Congress or the FCC will force cell phone carriers to drop exclusivity agreements. (Har.)
Book publishers will boycott Amazon and the Kindle in force until Amazon agrees to higher prices for digital books.
Twitter will be purchased, probably by Facebook.
The “cloud” craze will slow after a MAJOR security incident, probably involving Google.
2010 will be the year of mobile security awareness.

Jason’s Predictions for 2010:
Vulnerability exploit of Android.
Google Wave will fizzle even further into obscurity and go the way of the dodo. FAIL.
No more than 3-4 total Microsoft retail stores will open by years end. Seen as a failure.
Android app store will pass 50,000 apps by years end.
E-book store in iTunes.
News will start to get out about the next generation Microsoft game system.
Embedded connectivity (ala Kindle and Nook) will become much more prevalent among other types of tech.
Google will extend its adwords to the mobile platform as a way to subsidize their phones for the public.
The iPhone actually doesn’t make it to Verizon before year’s end.
iTunes subscription music, streamed directly to the device.
Netflix and Twitter will be acquired.
Data plans are about to nosedive in the same way that cell phone minutes plans plummeted not too far back.