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Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1117: There will be Facebook groups!

Facebook's changing its privacy policy, and Molly and Rafe predict there will be groups.

Facebook's changing its privacy policy, and Molly and Rafe predict there will be groups. I don't think anyone cares about regional groups, but hey, I could be wrong. We also talk about why Steve Jobs personally approved an app that currently doesn't work. And Richard comes up with a brilliant idea for the future of news.

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Google alters news indexing to accommodate pay walls

AT&T customer satisfaction tanks

AT&T gives up on Verizon ad lawsuit

New Facebook privacy controls just weeks away

Sprint fed customer GPS data to cops over 8 million times

TomTom aggregates anonymous driver speeds; compiles list of most congested cities

Google wants to eliminate drivers

Web giants unite against Digital Britain copyright bill

Steve Jobs intervenes, approves Knocking streaming-video app

After Apple agreement, Psystar officially halts sales of clone Macs

Black screen of death not a Microsoft issue after all

Dane, who ripped his DVDs, demands to be arrested under DRM law

Richard from California has an idea for CNN

Google phone a certainty?I think they are right… But noting the way many people think. HTC
made the last google developer phone and in doing so got access to the
source code for 1.0 very early. This almost forced a partnership on
the G1. Simmilarly google is essentially forced to work with a
particular manufacture every launch in ever generation ( i.e. Droid
2.0). I would argue that in an attempt to not be “evil” that the phone
they launch is a developer version that will allow them to more
tightly control a symultainous launch. Thier current version is a bit

Making thier own consumer phone bypassing both hardware partners AND
wireless carriers is risky and potentially evil. Specifically given
that they have advertised this project as an open project.

Wallace R. Fanning

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