Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1113: There's no Moore's law for chemistry

New Netbook chips promise to increase battery life, which sends Molly into a tizzy about battery life. But battery life does not keep pace with chip law, as Rafe states so well.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
3 min read

New Netbook chips promise to increase battery life, which sends Molly into a tizzy about battery life. But battery life does not keep pace with chip law, as Rafe states so well. Also the phone ad wars heat...er...lukewarm up, with some arguably limp responses from Apple. And Opera cooperates with China, sort of.

Watch this: Ep. 1113: There's no Moore's law for chemistry


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New Apple ads to Verizon: Can Droid do this?

Google pacts with TiVo for TV ad data

Major Intel chip upgrade coming to new Netbooks

Google places ad explaining offensive image

Opera ‘censors’ Chinese content

More Android users get Google Maps navigation

Recession pushes more workers to steal data

Wikipedia volunteers jumping ship

Cern’s Large Hadron Collider makes first collisions

Intelsat launches hardware for Internet routing from space

Nick from Anchorage on why cutting off the Net might violate 1st Amendment

After listening to your rant about aol. fail, I thought to myself that they just got it backwards. Maybe the ad agency just didn’t understand when they told them to put the . infront of the a and instead “edited/corrected” it to put it at the end.

The brilliant move would have been to make it .aol and then file for a new TLD (top level domain) which I believe will be coming online in 2010.

That would have been a home run, everything aol could have been .aol, so it could be engadget.aol, images.aol, email.aol etc.

So I’m just going to chock it up to advertising ignorance.



You mean to tell me getting hype on unreleased demos is hurting “aol.”? Not only are there people talking about it and trying to understand it; but aol is getting free beta testing for a new logo. Success! I look forward to typing in random crap after aol. to get a crazy page, like how users type in messages to google’s search to pull up funny search phrases or use mystery google for fun. I only hope for aol.dinosaur.com to pull up some sort of epic dinosaur themed aol page.

Plus, AOL is so easier to say than America Online. (think syllables out of your mouth then think of the major leaders for tech {Google, Apple, Sony, Microsoft}) – ccarline


BOL & Co,

Thank the heavens for the institutional memory that is the internet. As soon as you y’all (in ep 1112) started bringing up Vlingo, I sez to myself:

“Hey, I downloaded Vlingo way back when and I swear I heard about it on…BOL.”

And, my self sez, “yep”:


Washington DC


I was hoping you could give a shout out to a webathon for the child's play charity. Its a comedy group out of Vancouver playing Desert Bus the most boring game ever made. They have a website at http://desertbus.org they’ve been going for 3 days as of my writing that gives them a total of 9 points in the game. (it takes at least 8 hours for 1 point.) The more money they raise the longer they will play (currently 121 hours) It’s for a good cause and with your help we can keep them playing even longer.