Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1109: In the future we'll all be cats

IBM is working on an artificial brain they think they'll have done by 2019. And we figure once that happens, the robots will rise and we will become your pets. And like cats we'll think that we're in charge.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
3 min read

IBM is working on an artificial brain they think they'll have done by 2019. And we figure once that happens, the robots will rise and we will become your pets. And like cats we'll think that we're in charge. In other news, Modern Warfare 2 beats Harry Potter to a pulp, and Verizon and AT&T are a'courting! Actually they're in court. Being sued.

Watch this: Ep. 1109: In the future we'll all be cats


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Modern Warfare 2 tops entertainment industry, not just games

Google-branded phone coming early next year?

Chrome OS demo event tomorrow

Azure goes live in January, paying customers in February.

“Map for That” campaign goes to court today

Did feds uncover most successful Web scam ever?

T-Mobile says workers sold customer data

Microsoft: mobile apps aren’t important

Ordnance Survey maps to go online

No More Yahoo Go for TV

Computing rivaling human brain may be ready by 2019

Tone on MW2

Ben the Canadian gets pushy

Hey Buzz crew..
Your discussion of social viewing on NBC.com’s Communicator, had me yelling at my Zune HD, yes it looked wierd. Anyway, I was yelling because I do this on CBS.com now. CBS.com has watch and chat rooms on the site, in flash! I have some old college roommates and we are all NCIS, so when NCIS is showing in one of the rooms we make a point to head in to it, and chat about it. We like it!

Last thing, about Rupert and paying for news, does he intend on putting his Cable news sites behind a pay wall? If not then this plan of his won’t effect me since I get most of my news from the website of his cable channels..Although i do pay for the Wall Steet Journal online since it's cheaper than the Kindle edition of it.
Love the Show,
Charlotte, Nc

Love my Sprint 4G!


Hey Buzz crew,

Haven’t listened to Ep. 1108 yet, so you may have reported on this already, but the town of Coshocton, Ohio has their Wifi back:


Consumerist links to this story:


FYI: the town name is pronounced Cah – shock – ton.

Keep on keepin’ on.

Dublin, OH.


Hi all in Buzzington,
Several days ago you reported on that 60 minutes story about hackers taking down the Brazilian power grid. This report was later proven to be false. Well, maybe they were just telling the truth ahead of time. According to Slashdot, a group of hackers were inspired by the 60minute story and actually did hack into the Brazilian power operator using an SQL injection.

It’s times like these when I wonder if the world wouldn’t be a better place if we all just kept our mouths shut.

Love the show,

P.S. Don’t know if caught my mention of it in the chat room yesterday Tom, but I finally got Digital City to introduce themselves….halfway through the show. :)


Hey Buzz Crew,

I’m writing regarding episode 1107 where Molly said she would be willing to pay for a great newspaper aggregatation service. I remember hearing about such a thing a couple of months ago at a site called pressdisplay.com . They have newspapers from all over the world including (for Tom) the International Herald Tribune, The Washington Post and hundreds of others. Also, they have different subscription plans ranging from a pay as you read option to a monthly unlimited option. Just wanted to shed some light on this service for those who want to read the newspaper online. Love, the, show!

Miguel in San Francisco.

PS:They have a mobile site to access your subscriptions on your smartphone.