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Buzz Out Loud 972: New Zune in June?

According to the Office 10 Twitter account, Zune lovers will be happy in June. If that wasn't weird enough, they also warn you not to buy an iPhone or Palm Pre.

According to the Office 10 Twitter account, Zune lovers will be happy in June. If that wasn't weird enough, they also warn you not to buy an iPhone or Palm Pre, which is probably standing orders at Microsoft. Also Natali carries knives in her sports bra quite often. Or so we have come to understand.

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Voice mail
Paul in Hawaii
Hard to understand

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Jim the SysAdmin
Here’s what we did for University content

I commute to and from work daily, but, thanks to a World of Warcraft
addiction, a Netflix account, Hulu and my PS3, I never ever leave the
house. I have a phone at home, and a phone at work.

BUT, I live out in the country, and I occasionally worry about getting
stranded in the desert. So I have, for the last few years, used
Alltel’s per-day pay as you go cell plan.

Just thought you’d like to know; it’s not only Jason Bourne that doesn’t
feel like paying $80 a month for two years for a phone he will only use
in emergencies.

Paul Tietjens
Linux Systems Administrator


Hey guys,

about the assasin phone plan.. this plan would work great with Google
Voice. So, using Molly’s example, you would pick up the calls using
your work phone during the week, but you would use your personal
phones during the weekends and all people have to is to call you on
your google voice number. This way you don’t have to worry about
people not being able to reach you because you didn’t pay for that
particular day.

Sang Park


Hey Sheba
I’m just naming your group something random since I don’t want to think too hard about the the current group nickname. (Lay off, I’m working.) Just wanted to bring up a little point regarding the retention rates of Twitter. According to other reports on this study, the study only covered the use of Twitter on the main twitter web page. Do not forget that Twitter is used via MANY third party applications such TweetDeck, Twhirl, Tweetie, TwitterFon, Twitterrific, Twinkle, and Twapple.

Okay, I made that last one up, but still, I would argue that the large majority of people using Twitter do not access it through the main webpage. Discuss.
Love the show.

Bobby S.


Well actually…

the only reasoning behind making it “required” it is then allowed to be purchased using financial aid and scholarships legally…. it is not actually needed… disappointed that y’all are so quick to jump and trash the iphone at any given chance….

-mike from texas-