Buzz Out Loud 968: 'Nothing but filth'

On today's show, we have a lot to apologize for, but don't hold your breath because it ain't happening. (It's all just a desperate plea for more voicemail.)

On today's show, we have a lot to apologize for, but don't hold your breath because it ain't happening. (It's all just a desperate plea for more voicemail.) The short version is this: Kindle DX is ludicrously expensive, Blu-Ray is catching on but totally shouldn't be, and Craigslist is officially a pimp.

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Kindle DX unveiled: 9.7-inch screen (2x area), $489, summer ‘09 delivery, integrated PDF, textbook emphasis, Times, Globe, and Post all “testing” it

What to expect in Windows 7 Release Candidate

Some PC’s won’t be able to run Windows 7 in “XP Mode” — bad news for some legacy apps

Windows 7 is backward compatible — with one of Explorer’s oldest flaws!

“Nothing but filth” - AG’s demand that Craigslist remove sex ads, period

Apple adding 3G to Macbooks?

Wolfram Alpha shows data in a way Google can’t

Blu-ray starting to catch on, says NPD

Nearly 800 commercial planes will have Wi-Fi by end of ‘09, reports In-Stat

Researchers build a plug-in Prius that's part of the grid--not just leeching off it

I think this is an interesting conversation about kindle in college.
First, the resale value of text books is ONLY pennies on the dollar when you trade it into the bookstore. By selling them on amazon, you can drastically increase the resale value.

The real question is, do we need text books at all?
Most of the time, teachers put notes on line that are meant to supplement the text book, but usually they replace the textbook, because no one reads the book anyway. Also, because I am a compsci major, text books are usually out of date anyway. It would be really cool if teachers would create learning materials that replace a big expensive textbook, and send them right to your kindle. If you did this, wikipedia style, with information that you get from all over the internet, we wouldn’t even need textbooks at all..
- Mighty Matt


OK, the idea of the new KindleDX is somewhat tempting. But $500? Seriously? Does that mean that I’ll have to shell out $1000 (plus whatever 2 subscriptions cost) so that my wife and I can share the Sunday paper? Until the price comes down to $99 - maybe $150, this will be a niche product for most consumers. I might be willing to sacrifice the 3G connectivity and live with WiFi if that would bring down the cost. That might also keep me from spending too much on impulse purchases.

Derik (in Columbus, Ohio)


Regarding episode 966:

Microsoft has offered downgrades for every version of Windows since
(at least) Windows 98 - it’s right there in the license. With Vista,
computer manufacturers started advertising this option, but they put
it forward as something they were doing, not an option Microsoft had
always offered. The perception that the downgrade option from Vista to
XP is a new thing invented by Microsoft in response to the backlash
against Vista is wholly mistaken.

(insert robotic Love-The-Show voice here)

-Rabbi the Linguist, downloading the 7 RC as I type…