Buzz Out Loud 966: We're gonna need a bigger e-book reader case

On today's show, thoughts on a bigger Kindle made for reading newspapers (fail), Sprint's earnings report (fail), whether Microsoft will allow downgrades from Windows 7 to Vista (fail) and "silver ooze" (winner!).

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
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Molly Wood
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On today's show: thoughts on a bigger Kindle made for reading newspapers (fail), Sprint's earnings report (fail), whether Microsoft will allow downgrades from Windows 7 to Vista (fail) and "silver ooze" (winner!).

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NYT says giant Kindle is on the way this week (as Times Co. threatens to shut Boston Globe in as little as 60 days.) (Press event scheduled for 10:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday.)

BBerry Curve upsets iPhone in Q1 sales race thanks to a VZW promotion

Apple submits proposal for new kind of Web streaming, apparently optimized for live-to-mobile devices

Sprint’s earnings show continued suberosion, but Boost is strong. Hell of a place for the Pre to launch.

When is a wireless network not one: Sprint may outsource its network ops to Ericsson

How bit.ly, tinyurl and the rest might end up making money

DTV awareness over 95 percent; time to pull the trigger

No overlap in availability between Vista and Windows 7? (Not sure if there’s anything new here and comments in the story seem contradictory.)

German study: Electric cars aren’t really all that green. Uh, yeah.

“SARS Cams” are back, detecting swine flu. (Not totally news, but listeners may start seeing them in airports.)

Ex-Seagate CEO Bill Watkins (all-around good guy and one of Silicon Valley’s *great* drinkers) lands new gig pursuing “silver ooze”

Why I want autorun on my flash drive

Dear Buzzards:

Just a quick note. I see that “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” took in
$87,000,000 at the box office over the weekend. This movie pirating
MUST BE STOPPED!!!! It’s bankrupting Hollywood!

– Don


Buzz Crew,

I’m no fan of IE6 (I use Firefox), but I was amazed to hear you say in Episode 965 that IE6 doesn’t support JavaScript, AJAX, or CSS.

IE first supported JavaScript way back in 1996, in IE3. IE3 also supported the first version of CSS 1.0. IE 6 supports CSS 2.1, although not fully. And IE — with version 5 in 1999 — was actually the first web browser to implement a foundational elements of AJAX: XMLHTTP, which we now know as XMLHttpRequest.

You’re right that IE6 doesn’t support tabbed browsing and that it’s not as standards-compliant as modern browsers, requiring infuriating hacks and workarounds for web developers. More importantly, it’s the most insecure web browser in use today.

However, it’s not quite the technological dinosaur that you make it out to be.

Bruce from Peterborough, Canada


Hey buzz crew!
I was just watching hulu, and 30 Rock when I saw a comercial for trojan condoms.
A little sensorship please,

from dc


Hey Jason, Molly and Brian,

Episode 965 was an awesome episode! The triple rant powers of Molly, Rafe and Cooley was a wonder to behold.

If Rafe and Cooley really go down to Comcast together, could someone please bring a video camera? It would be like watching two super heroes in action. All will tremble in fear at the sight of The Twin Goatees: Grey Beard and Kitty Whiskers.

Here’s a visual for you:


–kevin aka “Ikcor”