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Buzz Out Loud 960: Segues with Segways

We get taken to task today for our segues, which we admit, can be quite forced sometimes. So, we show some examples of good and bad. We also have a Cooley rant about the new Segway mini car from a few weeks ago.

We get taken to task today for our segues, which, we admit, can be quite forced sometimes. So, we show some examples of the good and the bad. We also have a Cooley rant about the new Segway minicar from a few weeks ago. And I suggest we go clubbing with baby seals, and Cooley and Natali threaten to kill me.

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Now closing: GeoCities, a relic of Web’s early days

Obama getting a new high-security BlackBerry

Apple apologizes for Baby Shaker

EU debates your right to get online

Wikipedia lawsuit could put it on the wrong side of fair use

T-Mobile will work with Echelon to monitor home power consumption

New Windows 7 hack purports to be “unfixable”

Windows 7 RC (7100) out early on torrent trackers

Chinese hackers attacking NYC computers

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese Black Hats

Facebook users say yes to changes

Scientists mix in metal to make superstrength spider silk

Alex from Michigan
More on John Cage’s 4:33

Bingo the Chimp
I just want to get paid.

Heya Buzz crew,

Some interesting news came from an otherwise disappointing T-Mobile subscriber report - they have sold one million G1s since launch just six months ago. While not necessarily record-breaking, that is a significant milestone for Android.


I have been away for a while so I must leave you with …

Miss the show!

Ryan from Castle Rock


Hey Buzz crew,
I’ve been listening for years now and I have finally decided to write
you all an email. For almost a year now I’ve heard on BOL how many of
you have complained about AT&T and the 3G data service and coverage. I live in Tampa FL, and have been blessed with amazing fast and reliable 3G service but I recently went to Chicago on business and was affected by what I thought was a myth. I am not sure if it was the tall buildings or what, but downtown Chicago has the worst 3G service ever! The phone kept switching from 3G to EDGE to no data at all, even if I
was just standing still!!! The worst part about it was this constant searching for a data network absolutely killed my battery life and my iPhone never made it to the end of the day. So for all you BOL listeners like me who thought people were full of BS for complaining about the iPhone/AT&T 3G coverage I am hear to tell you some people are really hurting when it comes to data service. Oh, and to top it all off the silent on/off switch on the side of my iPhone above the volume rocker completely broke off!!! And all I was trying to do was switch it to silent mode before a meeting started.

Love the show guys,

German A. Gonzalez


Hi Buzz Crew,

I hope you all enjoyed your two-minute rant-fest regarding “cracked” netbook keyboards on episode 959. Sorry to spoil your fun, but I was listening to the earnings call and Tim Cook did not say “cracked keyboards”, he said “cramped keyboards”, and that is what is written in the article linked off the show notes. Perhaps you’d like to go back and have re-rant on today’s show based on this new information.

Love, the show,


Hey buzz crew, quick comment on how friendly penguins are. I grew up on Puerto Natales, Chile, where we have penguins just running around in the streets. Not really. The live in pingüineras, but I remember thinking they where adorable and trying to pet them as a kid and one almost took mi finger off. I sure it does not apply to all race of penguins, but I can see mean penguins armed with lasers taking over the world.