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Buzz Out Loud 940: The legend of black fart

Rafe coins a new term for a port of the iFart application to a BlackBerry. But really the show is much more about variable pricing coming to iTunes, The Pirate Bay rolling out VPN for you, and robot soccer teams one day killing us all.

Rafe coins a new name for a port of the iFart application for the BlackBerry. But really the show is much more about variable pricing coming to iTunes, The Pirate Bay rolling out VPN for you, and robot soccer teams one day killing us all.

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Report: variable pricing comes to iTunes Apr. 7

New Microsoft ads attack Apple on price

WWDC in June

The Pirate Bay to roll out secure $5 per month VPN service

BlackBerry App World to launch April 1, says BusinessWeek

WinMo developers will pay $99 to upgrade apps

iPhone developer policy not such a big deal

Report: Skype coming to the iPhone

Could Disney join Hulu? Sources say talks are serious

Ghost Twittering and Twitter lameness

Twitter has no business model, and that’s cool

Space tourist blasts off to ISS

Robot soccer

Laurence from Indiana
App Store Return policy

Zune plays lossless

Drops of Water on Mars - “…superheated exhaust [from NASA's Phoenix spacecraft]… splashed small bits of mud onto the craft’s landing struts -- little beads of material that grew, merged, and even dripped over the next few weeks. Those dynamic blobs must have been drops of concentrated saltwater, concludes a large scientific team led by Nilton Renno, a Phoenix investigator at the University of Michigan….”


Chris the Commuter (via my 12 yr old son!)


Hey Buzz Out Loud Gang,

This is Silas from SoCal, and I just wanted to let you know that there is more than one high school robotics team which listens to your podcast! I am a Junior at La Canada High and the Drive Captain for team 2429. This was only are second year competing; however, in our first year we won the Rookie All Star Award and went to nationals in Atlanta, Georgia. This year we tried to win the Chairman’s Award, but our relatively young age as a team held us back. Maybe next year

Our whole team listens to BOL as we work on our robot after school everyday, and I must say, we were all very shocked to hear another team listening. So in the spirit of “gracious professionalism” GO RUSH 27 and 2429!

love the show,

Silas the Pyro

P.S. If you read this on the show, we will put a sticker for “Buzz Out Loud” on our robot and send in a picture!


First off I would like to say you guys are the first podcast that I have listened to(and I am 16) and you at this point seem to be the best I would say so far. So thank you for supplying something interesting while doing my homework. Also the tangent of a circle is the point where a line intersect or touches a circle. So yeah I hope this wasn't to stupid of an e-mail. XD