Buzz Out Loud 938: Dork day afternoon

Ron Richards from iFanboy joins us as we finish today's show with a discussion of geek vs. nerd and decide dork is the next wave. We also talk about a cow that poops money, also known as Jonathan Coulton's business model. And we get mad at the AT&T.

Ron Richards from iFanboy joins us as we finish today's show with a discussion of "geek" vs. "nerd" and decide "dork" is the next wave. We also talk about a cow that poops money, also known as Jonathan Coulton's business model. And we get mad at AT&T.

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AT&T working with RIAA

How it works for a real musician

John Mellencamp: Back In The Good Old Days… woes

Blockbuster comes to TiVo

Facebook face recognition

Skype handles more international calls than AT&T

Apple sued for iPhone being a book reader

A 3D web moves closer to reality

Iogear puts USB devices on your network

DTV coupons are back

Fox to launch social network

Nasa gives images to Microsoft’s telescope and launches Mission Madness

Paul from Hawaii
Onlive and latency

New name for micropayments!

Roadable Airplanes. It makes me wonder why I listen when I hear things like that.
Of course Joe Idiot can’t fly a car, ever. That’s why they call it a “roadable airplane” instead of a flying car. It’s an airplane first, and requires a pilot’s license to fly. All of the FAA requirements for airplanes apply. And no, “black boxes” are not required.
What happened to your common sense?
(phew. that makes me feel better… :) — Mike


Hey buzz crew.
On the ps3 you can download full version of some current gen games. Examples I can recall off the top of my head are grand turismo: prologue and burn out paradise. These still can be found on disc format. Xbox 360 currently has no current gen games available for full download.

I personally thought that they would expand the selection of available games if they ever did make a ps3 with no blue ray. especially since they (ps3) use standard hard drives that are easy to replace and upgrade vs the over priced xbox 360 120gig hd @ $134 dollars at amazon.

just some insight from a xbox 360 and ps3 owner.

Thanks and love the show.
Diego the hospital IT security guy in miami beach.


Hi there

Cooley’s discussion about Nissan bringing EVs to the US in the next few years reminded me of this - basically Mitsubishi has been testing their new EV here in New Zealand for the last few months with the vehicle intended to be sold for between $30k and $40k (that’s about $15k to $20k in US currency - wasn’t $15k Tom’s limit?). You can already register your interest in the vehicle . Wikipedia notes that the vehicle should be on the market in the ‘09 to ‘10 time frame.



Reference your discussion about Warner’s burn-to-order DVDs in episode 937:

It would be nice if you folks would keep in mind all the poor souls who still don’t have high-speed internet access. I live a mere 40 miles away from downtown San Jose, CA and dial-up is the best I can do.

There is no FiOS where I live.

There is no cable here.

I live too far from the closest phone company central office for DSL.

And satellite is a non-starter for me — price and latency issues.

So, while I might enjoy the ability to download a movie for $14.95 in a matter of seconds or minutes, I can’t, Mr. Cooley.

For someone in my situation the $19.95, burn-to-order DVD might make a great deal of sense. In fact, I wonder if a dual-layer DVD sent via the postal service might give me higher through-put than my crappy dial-up connection.

Robert M.


Hello Buzz people,

My Kindle topic is in response to the free ebooks on the Sony Reader.
For some time, there has been a pretty awesome way to download public
domain ebooks straight to the kindle over the evdo from

The way it works is you open in
your kindle browser, which downloads the book guide that shows up in
your home menu. From the guide, you can browse the available books by
title, author, genre and popularity, and download them straight to the
kindle in mobi-pocket format. I don’t know how the selection compares
to the sony/google offering, but there are supposedly thousands of
books on feedbooks. They are of course available to other devices, but
you can’t beat the seamless evdo delivery.

The other thing I wanted to bring up, that I haven’t really heard much
about since Google started migrating GrandCentral over to Google Voice
is that they are providing a simple way to make free long-distance
calls from any of your phones (including a landline) to any phone in
the US (and reasonable rates overseas as well). You just type in the
number or your contact’s name in the little “call” box, and Google
calls your selected phone, then connects you to the person you are
calling. Take that AT&T!