Buzz Out Loud 930: Live from SXSW--day two

Day two of Buzz Out Loud live from SXSW. Special guests include ZDNet's Andrew Mager, SXSW Event Director Hugh Forrest, and Blogger's Rick Klau.

Blasted XP didn't warn me that my hard drive was full! Therefore, half of the podcast didn't record. Thankfully, I was able to salvage yesterday's episode from the Ustream recording, so here it is! Special guests include ZDNet's Andrew Mager, SXSW Event Director Hugh Forrest, and Blogger's Rick Klau.

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Happy Pi Day!

Facebook: It’s party time for the social Web…on the iPhone

Facebook Adobe AIR application

A touch-screen Bold?

Apple adds still more DRM to iPod Shuffle

Amazon invokes DMCA defense against non-Kindle books

Report: Wii may stream movies

MSNBC launches interactive-theater game

At SXSW, attendees confront Twitter saturation

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube come to FiOS

Google Reader side bar

Rocket scientists shoot mosquitoes with laser beams

Chat with Mager about SXSW

Hi JaNaTo,

Blimps are back in style!

“Pentagon to Build $400 Million Spy Blimp”

The thing will fly at 65,000 feet, so it will be out of the range of most fighter planes and missiles. Plus it will recharge hydrogen fuel cells using solar panels. Now if only I could get my car to do that! I mean the whole recharging thing…not the flying 12 miles in the air…although that would be cool too…and scary…

- lucky, from the watchBOL chatrooms


This is how the theaters I patronized in Taiwan worked. You got an assigned seat, but there was no tiered pricing. Also, not really any way to tell them where you want to sit (or maybe that was just the result of my pitiful Mandarin). At least you don't have to stand in line for two hours and then rush the auditorium, diving with coats and various other artifacts to save seats for all your friends in the concession line.

One other curious thing about the Taiwanese movie theater: no candy at the concession stand. You can get a hot dog (on an oversized sub bun) and popcorn, but the only sweet option is, of all things, a CHURRO. Really. Go figure.

Love the show,



The current space shuttles were put into service in 1984-1992, making them at most 25 years old. However, all of the shuttles were built to the original design. Construction of the original Enterprise test orbiter began in 1974, making the shuttle design more than 35 years old. Using the car analogy, the shuttles were from the 1977 model year, but build in the 1980s.



Buzz Crew: The Neilsen report that says online networking is more popular than e-mail is only referring to web-based email (gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc.), not POP email sent through ISPs.

This was confirmed by several news sites investigating the report. Check out these links:

I think a lot of reports missed this and made it sound like it was referring to all email. Nope.