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Buzz Out Loud 927: Get out of my floveal

Firefox is trying a new blank tab feature that gives you some links but leaves the focused middle area blank to go easy on the floveal area of your eye. We also are very excited about mind control peripherals for your computer. And Natali says pinche aga

Firefox is trying a new blank tab feature that gives you some links but leaves the focused middle area blank to go easy on the floveal area of your eye. We also are very excited about mind control peripherals for your computer. And Natali says pinche again. Which is always good.

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YouTube to block UK music videos

Firefox, too, revamping new-tab behavior

Amazon testing HD VOD on TiVo?

Venezuelan cell phone for $14

MetroPCS gets the Curve

How much are you paying for cell service? Would you believe $3 a minute?

NY Times could save money by giving everyone a Kindle

U2 sponsors RIM not Apple

Finalized USB 3.0 tests just months away, consumer devices set for next year

SmartNav units control PCs with just your noggin’

Webcam Brings 3-D to Topps Sports Cards

Dancing with the Woz: ‘A Teletubby going mad’

Peter from Brampton
Megapixels, gigahertz, oh my

Hi JaMoTo

This is the story that sky have the capability to roll out 3D TV by
the end of the year! Just in time for the upcoming London 2012
Olympics, well china was in HD, we have to one-up them somehow!


A little bit of ’sky’ background, as cable is very rare in the UK
(relegated to very dense population areas), sky is the only premium TV
provider for the majority of the UK.

Thanks for the Great show!

Chris from York, UK
You may want to call it “Classic York” or “The Original York” either
is fine :)


Hi Buzz out loud,

I just had a quick comment regarding your discussion of the Kepler
telescope in yesterday’s episode. Natalie spent some time arguing that
given the current state of the economy, the $500m price tag for the
mission was unreasonable. Now I’m no NASA administrator, but it seems
to me like the funding for this mission would have been allocated
several years ago, given the length of time required to build a
state-of-the-art satellite. Therefore, weighing the cost for this
mission against current spending priorities really doesn’t make sense.

Chris the Bioinformatician from Calgary


I can foresee a future where mp3s become nostalgic, when our audio devices come equipped with artificial intelligence musicians. The files themselves would only contain notes/tableture, containing markers about sensitivity, pressure, etc…, and and the original vocal track. This way we would be able to split the tracks in real time, and each performance would sound richer and slightly different every time. And if you shook your iPod hard enough, the AI would stumble over and curse at you in their tiny little voices. By then we could look back and say, hey remember when we actually used to listen to pre-recorded material?

Love the show



Tom, Nat, and Jason,

Thought you might find this story interesting.

Two economists from the University of Washington have looked at current copyright and patent laws and concluded that they're not good. The pair see current Intellectual property laws as similar to 'medieval trade monopolies' which were bad for the economy as a whole, and are calling for the system to be reformed.

The full article can be found here .

- Guidemaker Dave [in Philadelphia]


“Hamsters can seemingly run forever inside their little wheels, and scientists from Georgia Tech are finally helping them get somewhere.

To harness hamster power, the scientists sewed electricity-generating threads one-fiftieth the width of a human hair into a yellow jacket worn by the hamsters as they ran. A human-sized jacket, capable of powering an iPod, could be ready in as little as three years….


Chris The Commuter


Hey Buzz-

Two things on the knowing where the person filming the movie is sitting from Episode 926.

1. They already have mostly assigned seats in the UK. Odeon Theatres (and I’m pretty sure the others too) have you choose your seat even when you are buying the ticket at the counter (obviously they do it online for pre-orders). And yes they charge premiums for “better” seats. You have all different styles, from old crappy seats from pre-stadium seating (which if you are over 6 foot they are too small –knees slammed up against the seat in front of you), they also have multiple forms of stadium seating, including ones with tables for your food & drink. And of course location is added into the price too! And NO YOU DON’T WANT THIS! Unless you really like paying 2x as much for the same movie.

2. Tom you’d be right for saying this could help prove that person X had the seat where they recorded the movie. But they’d already have to know exactly WHEN the movie was recorded or they’d be blaming some poor soul who just wanted to watch a movie. I’m guessing this technology is strictly for supporting their belief that person X recorded the movie. Not finding out who did it.

Cheers From Oxford!
Tom Merritt the Doppelganger