Buzz Out Loud 909: The 404 hacks Natali's computer

While I got a little steamed at the Author's Guild, and Natali essentially admitted she's a runaway bride, the big event in this show is the possessed computer.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
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While I got a little steamed at the Author's Guild, and Natali essentially admitted she's a runaway bride, the big event in this show is the possessed computer. It appears some 404 friends of guest Jeff Bakalar monkeyed with Nat's computer during the show. Unprofessional, I say! We will get to the bottom of this.

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Cylon Jason
404-BOL rivalry

I can solve the Netbook issue

Hey JaNaTo

I have to “well actually” myself from an e-mail I sent you last Thursday. After some Portland TV stations announced on their newscasts or websites that they would still turn off analog on the 17th, now at least some (I haven’t checked on all of them) have changed their minds and will wait until June. Guess you can’t believe everything you hear on the news.

Will, the former television journalism student

Having the SD card slot on the Kindle 1 is nice for expanding storage(in
theory any way…I have never come close to needing it). But if you are just
looking for a way to transfer your content off your Kindle no SD card is
needed. Just use the included USB cable and your Kindle will show up as a
drive on your PC or Mac just like a thumb drive. All the books you
purchased are easily accessible for archiving, deleting or whatever.

I have never used the SD card slot on my Kindle 1 so I doubt I will miss it
when I upgrade to the Kindle 2.

– Anonymous (who we know to be Jim)

Hi buzz crew, regarding your story on power monitoring in iGoogle:

Monitoring power usage and turning lights off is all good, but the real energy-spender is your heating and ventilation. Even if you could, you won’t run around turning your radiators a degree or two down when you leave the room, and that’s where computerized homes become really interesting. There’s one Estonian company (that tiny country which brought Skype and cyber war to the world) called Yoga which have taken home automation “smart buildings” one step further with self-learning adapting “intelligent buildings”. Eventually your home will both read your mind’s preference about lights, temperature and mood music, and it will save you energy in the process!

Love the show, it’s a better balance than most between news and ranting analysis and comments :-)

Best regards
CJ - the Swedish nerd in Estonia


Felt the need to let you know that tonight I was watching the Colbert Report and he made reference to cooking a wooly mammoth.
Natalie I thought that you might get a kick out of this.
Love the show

Tony from Kentucky

Google sync uses Microsoft ActiveSync. I think that’s the big story. With ActiveSync becoming the defacto
standard of information exchange between phones and back end systems I
think this makes Google Sync much more powerful. Google doesnt have to
work with various phones, as long as those phones support ActiveSync.
This also makes smartphones attractive to the enterprise, who mostly
run Microsoft Exchange, as well as consumers who can sync to services
like Google.

Love the show,

William in The Meadow.

G'day Buzz Crew, Josh from Australia here.

Just wanted to write and first of all provide the internet link for anyone wishing to donate to the families and towns who have lost everything in the recent Victorian fires, now dubbed Black Saturday. We lost at least three towns totally to fire, the deathtoll is climbing towards 200 and expected to jump up over 300, and over a thousand homes have been lost.


However I also wanted to personally make a shout out to phatemokid, who Twittered me and asked how I personally was going, and who donated to the Red Cross Bushfire appeal. Thankfully I can only see the smoke, not actual fire, living in suburbia as I do. But watching the news and knowing people in the region who may or may not be alive has been tough on many of us, and has often brought tears to our eyes.

So thank you to all those who have prayed for us, thought of us, and wished us well as you did at the end of yesterday's episode. It means the world to know that people across the planet are thinking of us.

Side note, I was bored and thought I'd trundle through the Buzz Wiki, and found that - if I remember my first (BOL) time correctly - I've been listening since episode 239, May 31, 2006. Needless to say, I love the show.

Joshua S. Hill