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Buzz Out Loud 907: Sealed mummies (eat as is)

Once again we find something that Natali can't cook: mummies. But she does suggest they be used as jerky. Don't worry, we also have lots of thoughts about the Kindle 2, Psystar's suit against Apple, and somebody owns the name Netbook. Is that allowed?

Once again we find something that Natali can't cook: mummies. But she does suggest they be used as jerky. Don't worry, we also have lots of thoughts about the Kindle 2 and Psystar's suit against Apple. Plus, somebody owns the name Netbook. Is that allowed?

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Mac clone maker wins legal round against Apple

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Wozniak waltzes onto Dancing With The Stars

30 mummies found!


Anonymous Darwinist
Another mod story

Anonymous Nothingest
Linux FTW

Greeting JaNaTo!

For all of you geekie-types: We are approaching another milestone in time, or should I say, Unix time, as detailed in the following article.

Love the show!


Hey Buzz Crew,

I think that if the ISPs are going to implement caps on data downloads
they should do it like the cell phone companies.
Meter the amount of data each user downloads between, say 7AM and 9PM,
then stop metering outside of those hours.
It saves the ISP no money if the network is idle after hours. This may
push the heavy hitters like the bit torrent downloaders
to non-metered hours which may relieve congestion during normal hours.
Of course the ISPs are only doing this so they
don’t have to invest in their infrastructure which will bite us all in
the future.

Love the show

Clay the computer geek
St. Louis


Hey JaMoTo-

On Episode 905 you guys brought up P.W. Singer’s presentation at the TED conference on his upcoming book about military robots. I heard an interview with this dude on Democracy Now on Friday morning and while the entire subject was pretty fascinating, here’s the best part:

The U.S. military’s top Predator drone pilot (remember, these things don’t fly themselves, there’s a human operator controlling each one) is a 19-year-old high school dropout whose prior piloting experience was exclusively done on an XBox. Singer claims that this kid is so good, he’s been brought back to the States to train other drone operators, so now he’s basically Tom Skerritt in Top Gun. I wonder what it’s like for the guys in his class to get schooled by an enlisted man whose call sign is probably DronePwn69.

[Insert Bo's Message]

-Reid of the Catskills


Hey JaNaToX or whatever were calling you now,

AdamJonny from the chat room here, I thought we could get a call for action from the buzz brigade (I like buzz mulish better)! Turns out the President Oboma wants to know what we think about delaying the digital television transition before he signs the bill! Voice your opinion before it is to late, I gave my 2 cents, or maybe a whole dollar! This is the responsibility of the buzz mulish and the American people!


Hey Buzz Crew,

I just can’t resist Natali’s insistence on having a turtle named
JaNaTo. So to welcome Natalie to the Buzz Out Loud team, meet JaNaTo…

JaNaTo is a Gabonese leatherback sea turtle, just like JaMoTo, and was
tagged in December. She is a little bit special, and I think perfect
for Natali. She is one of only a few turtles sporting a new GPS
satellite tag. This tag is giving us much higher resolution data of
her movements than we would get from a normal satellite tag. So now we
can track turtles just as effectively as google tracks us.

Privacy concerns aside, I have been putting the new Google Earth
through it’s paces pretty heavily and have yet to see a crash. It has
been stable so far and I encourage anyone interested to try it out.

Love the show.

the sea turtle guy