Buzz Out Loud 901: Gigabyte in your nose

Our resident nasal storage expert Rafe Needleman is on the show to explain some quantum physics to you. Rafe also schools me in why latency doesn't matter to bandwidth but he still won't admit that he need 60 Gbps. And we realize that the only way to save

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
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Our resident nasal storage expert Rafe Needleman is on the show to explain some quantum physics to you. Rafe also schools me in why latency doesn't matter to bandwidth but he still won't admit that he need 60 Gbps. And we realize that the only way to save the world is by drinking more whiskey. Time to get to it.

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Charter gets bragging rights with new 60Mbps broadband tier

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India’s $20 laptop coming February 3rd, take that Negroponte

More juicy details surface on Google’s alleged GDrive

Stanford’s Quantum Hologram Sets Storage Record

Gears of War DRM screwup makes PC version unplayable

Judge’s ruling that WoW bot violates DMCA is troubling

Microsoft adds fancy search option for Firefox

Robot reassembles itself after being kicked apart

Power In Scotland From Tides and Whiskey


Jeremy from Denver
iPhones are not dual touch

Beast 33
You were surrounded by the 404

Alex from Buffalo Linux
Well actually

Heya Buzz Crew,

In Episode 898 there was some quick talk about using portable keyboards to take notes on PDA’s. I have taken notes on PDA’s in some form since the days of the Tandy Zoom and Apple Newton, through Palm and Windows CE, and up to a few different smartphones yet I have never made the jump to using a keyboard accessory. Celios has an Android proof-of-concept that might change that. Their REDFLY device (currently available for Windows-based smartphones) is described as “a smartphone terminal with a large screen (7 or 8 inches) and full keyboard with no OS, no CPU, and no storage that lets you use your smartphone like a laptop.” Though not a fan of the Windows Mobile offerings, Engadget says the Android concept is “exactly the sort of magic that could make this hardware lovable.”

While I love having a laptop, there are times when I wish I could leave it behind if only to reduce my sync’ing devices by one. I know I can get it now for a Windows Mobile device, but they have always felt underpowered. There is, however, great promise from the various Android hardware manufacturers not to mention the Android platform itself. Toss in a REDFLY and the upcoming massive SD storage and I think our portable future looks pretty bright.

Love the show.

Ryan from Castle Rock, CO


Hey JaNaToX,

In episode 900 you guys were discussing pet cloning, and Tom made a
comment about cloning his dog Jango. Well, I just thought I’d remind
Tom of how slippery a slope that could be. Remember the last time a
Jango was cloned? A galaxy wide civil war ensued, and in the end the
clones turned evil and wiped out the entire Jedi order. So just be
careful with that, Tom; the balance of the Force is at stake.



Hey Buzz Crew,
I just had a few comments about the “Google Drive”.
Microsoft actually does have a similar service called Skydrive.
Along with that, they have a desktop application called Live Mesh to automatically sync up folders to Skydrive, as well as allowing remote desktop from the web. However, from what I’ve seen it relies on ActiveX, meaning it only works on IE. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix that and expand to other browsers. Another drawback is that there’s only 5 GB of storage per user, but at least it’s free.
I look forward to seeing if Google can do any better in terms of storage space and interoperability.
Link to Live Mesh

Love the show,
Victor the PC gaming advocate.


Hello Buzz’ers, greetings from Denmark.

As one of the hapless barracuda victims, I finally made it through to
Seagate support Wednesday and was told, like Derek of episode 897, that
the request needed to be escalated to a Seagate supervisor who would
consider the issue, but I fear holding my breath for the decision will
be unhealthy.

However, others may be interested in knowing that there are some
homebrew recipes on fixing the problem out on the net.

Be WARNED though, the procedure is intricate, involves construction of
electronics, opening the harddisk, will void any hopes of warranty and
may fry your data BEYOND SALVATION if you are not careful, so if the
harddisk contains the only proof of you winning the state lottery or
something else you really care about, heed the advice of getting some
data recovery professional to do it. Also, I haven’t tried it myself so
I have no idea if its works or not. Even if it looks convincing, I will
try my luck with Seagate first.

But for the really brave, really desperate or really foolish, the link I
have saved for myself is this:


(If you are really foolish, you shouldn’t do this yourself, but
obviously you will not be listening anyway :-)

Considering the cryptic commands I admire the perseverance of those who
figured out the solution.

Love the show; keep up the good work.



Hi JaNaTo,

I’m a little behind, so it was only recently that I became aware of
the kufuffle surrounding Molly’s leaving as a regular co-host. So,
though I’m not a member of the Buzztown administration, I humbly
submit this citizen’s resolution to the Buzztown Council, which I hope
expresses what most of us have been feeling.


WHEREAS Tom and Molly have been, without a doubt, the heart and soul
of Buzz Out Loud (but don’t ask me to say who’s which), and as such,
Molly will be sorely missed as a regular co-host;

CONSIDERING that we had our doubts when Veronica left the show but
Jason has proved his worthiness, and (gasp) the show got even better

RECOGNIZING that Natali has huge shoes to fill but also possesses
talent and savvy commensurate with said shoe size (along with amazing
hair, despite her frequent lamentations on the subject);

ACKNOWLEDGING that Buzz Out Loud has undergone many changes over the
years and managed to remain consistently more entertaining than TWiT
(sorry Leo, but it’s true);

WHEREAS we citizens of Buzztown, as purported early adopters, should
welcome change (just as we welcomed the new Facebook layout, right?);

the very likely possibility, nay near certainty, that Buzz Out Loud
will get even better with Natali as regular co-host if we just give
it half a chance.

BE IT FURTHERMORE RESOLVED that when she appears on Buzz Out Loud,
Molly do her utmost to rant as much as possible (recognizing, of
course, that a Mollyrant cannot be forced).

SO SAY WE ALL (right?)

Peter the translator from Montreal