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Buzz Out Loud 893: Self-eating soup

We're all predictably aghast at Belkin's fake user reviews, but at least they apologised. Cooley and Tom think netbooks are done, but Veronica disagrees. And finally Cooley accidentally invents self-eating soup.

We're all predictably aghast at Belkin's fake user reviews, but at least they apologised. Cooley and Tom think netbooks are done, but Veronica disagrees. And finally Cooley accidentally invents self-eating soup.
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Belkin’s Amazon Rep Paying For Fake Online Reviews

Fake reviews prompt Belkin apology

Analysis: EU’s Internet Explorer ruling looks back to 1990s

Glaskowsky pronounces the end of the Netbook. He sort of has a point.

Dell first: 256GB solid-state drive on laptops

Seagate offers fix, free data recovery for disks affected by firmware bug

Second Prototype of the $200 Open Source Tablet

Judge: 17,000 illegal downloads don’t equal 17,000 lost sales

Music industry scrambles for cash

Bedlam breaks out at Circuit City

Children’s six-hour screen day

First Earth-Sized Exoplanet May Have Been Found


Tom predicted Windows 7 in 2005.



Hey BOL, I’ve got the perfect use for these metamaterials that redirect microwaves. HOT FREAKING FUDGE ICE CREAM! So imagine microwavable ice cream. You have ice cream on the bottom which has a layer of the metamaterial over it, which separates it from yummy hot chocolate fudge and nuts. So you can pop it into the microwave and hit the Hot Fudge button (its the one right next to Popcorn). The metamaterial keeps the ice cream from melting while the chocolate melts. You take it out, slip out the metamaterial, and you have a ready-made hot fudge sunday. Now if they can make a chocolate metamateril that somehow melts itself while protecting the ice cream, there’d beno extra waste.

Love the show,
Charles in SF


In episode 892, Molly & Rafe mentioned that they are awash in promotional thumb-drives. If you or anyone in the audience is looking to offload those drives and do some good at the same time, you might consider giving them away. Visit http://www.inveneo.org/?q=Thumbdrive, which appears to be collecting them for teachers, students and relief camp workers in Uganda. I don't have any personal knowledge about this organization, but it seems like a good cause.

Keep up the good work,

Christopher the Administrative Law Judge in New York.
Link from BC on USB RAID - http://www.bigbruin.com/reviews05/thumbraid_1

Tom and Jason, it is possible to enable the task bar quick launch feature in Windows 7.

Take a look at Tim Sneath's MSDN blog entry. Tip #13.

blogs.msdn.com/tims/archive/2009/01/12/the-bumper-list-of-windows-7- secrets.aspx

Richard Chao


Hey Buzz crew,

Just listened to Wednesday's show, and I have a correction to make to Cooley: Wikipedia says that the Tesla Roadster gets around 244 miles on a single charge, not 120. Jason Calacanis also says that it gets around 220 miles on a charge.(Can be confirmed in any of the October to November podcasts of Twit where he is on) Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see how much the Chinese car would go on sale for, since Teslas aren't cheap.

Also, a link to an article about the superbar in Windows 7 that might help Jose out: http://www.neowin.net/news/main/09/01/15/windows-7-superbar-overview It makes it a bit easier to get used to the superbar's new way of doing things.

Love the show,
Victor the PC games advocate (previously known as victor from bc)