Buzz Out Loud 876: A year without lawsuits, how did you know?

The RIAA has given us the greatest gift of all this holiday season, a promise not to sue you. However they are enlisting the ISPs into their fight against piracy.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
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The RIAA has given us the greatest gift of all this holiday season, a promise not to sue you. However they are enlisting the ISPs into their fight against piracy. We also talk about how Universal is making bank, Apple fans are planning protests (Shah), and wish a fond farewell to Majel Barrett.
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Episode 876

In these troubled times, RIAA can’t afford to sue you

Universal Music seeing ‘tens of millions’ from YouTube

Silent protest planned for Jobs-less keynote,

Gates Foundation to help libraries be better free ‘net cafes

Number of landline-free households up 10 percent in U.S.

LCD TV revenues to dip for first time ever

Toshiba to OEM laptops with OpenSolaris

NPR now lets you roll your own podcast feed

Samsung Electronics will launch Google phone in Q2

Trek creator’s widow dies aged 76

Voice mail

Oaf-er? SoCal - Nova? Really Palm?
DEBUNKED! http://www.snopes.com/business/misxlate/nova.asp

Chris the Podcaster - Don’t hire podcaster?!!!! Really?

Anonymous - Monstrous problem

Happy Holidays, Buzz-folk!

It may seem like $6 million is a lot to pay to have a space shuttle delivered (BOL 875), until you realize that $2.5 million is just for the bubble wrap! Not to mention all the !$&#^*# foam peanuts…


Steve L.
South Jersey


I think buying the space shuttle is a great idea! I want to chip in with $1000 USD, but since i can’t send actual money i figured i should send you $1000 USD in winkeys. I’m sure Oleg Teterin will be more than happy to buy them from us once we raise enough for the shuttle. In theese troubled times i can only afford $1000USD and i dont know how much that is in winkeys so please send the change back….preferably in sets of :-P or :-o. Thank you and Love the show! - HinDRAncE


To the Nearly Omniscient Leaders of the Buzz Army,

I heard your cries of suffering over the way Firefox skips over drop
down lists on the Mac. I too felt this pain in the past, but today I
bring you good news.

For some reason, Apple decided that the default behavior of OS X should
be to only set the focus on lists and text boxes when tabbing through a
screen. They did have the foresight, however, to let users change that
behavior in the “Keyboard and Mouse” preference pane.

Check out this handy blog entry for the full details, and fear no longer
the Firefox:


Matt The Java Developer


Hey JaMoToNat,

There's a cool Facebook Group where Aaron Sorkin himself has been answering posts, in an effort to do some background research for his Facebook script. I'm a huge fan of his writing, so it made my day when he posted back. Other actors like Josh Malina and Kim Webster have posted as well.

Love the show,

John in San Diego


The hardware website Sharkeyextreme.com does a price check of various computer parts every month, and they just started checking SSD prices.


Long story short: prices vary considerably, this seems to depend on drives which are enterprise vs consumer focused, SLC vs MLC. budget speeds vs higher speed. etc.

Best deal though: OCZ “core V2″ 30gig drive is $70 or 2.33/GB

Worst Deal: Super Talent MasterDrive PX 64 GB goes for $807 or $12.61/GB (though i would assume its Crazy fast though)

check it out