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Buzz Out Loud 836: I would rather get in shape than kill hookers

It looks like 'Wii Fit' will outsell 'Grand Theft Auto IV' this year, Apple's already sold 10 million iPhones, and people are lining up for the T-Mobile G1 Android phone (much to our surprise).

It looks like Wii Fit will outsell Grand Theft Auto IV this year, Apple's already sold 10 million iPhones, people are lining up for the T-Mobile G1 Android phone (much to our surprise), and just when we started to think the economy might be turning around after all, we got the news about Yahoo laying off some 1,400-plus people. Ouch.
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T-Mobile delivers the G1 (aka Android) phone

Google’s open-source Android now actually open

Yahoo profit drops; at least 1,430 to lose jobs

Wii Fit on track to outsell GTA IV this year

Apple officially surpasses 10 million iPhones sold in 2008

eBay goes pro-elephant, bans ivory sales--after the holidays

Boxee adds support for Hulu, CBS video

New media player searches for spoken words in videos

Device answers phone and stops telemarkerters

Robotic surgery on a beating heart

Anonymous DMCA: Couric clip was about Clinton

Jeff from Nashville: on laws and politicians


Congratulations on the nomination. If the Buzz Brigade (still not sure I like the moniker) is discouraged, then maybe we should find a show done by one of the community in some obscure category and vote for that show. If only we could think of one. :-)

Chris, the nominated podcaster


Tom mentioned that if you lose purchased content on a PS3 you were pretty much zitty out of luck, and there was no easy way to back it up. If you format an external drive, ( I used a $40 Seagate 120gig FreeAgent Go) FAT32, you can add the needed PS3 directories and copy your content. Of course, you have to use something such as Acronis to do this, as XP and Vista won't do it .
Thanks for the heads up on LaLa, and I really hope you guys are right about the amnesty part of it...Not that I am admitting anything. This e-mail will self destruct in 5...4...3...2.

Mr. Foolish


I love that you complain about the cost of a MacBook Air, but don’t
know how much it costs.

Most computer users do not edit images or video. The MacBook Air is
perfect for any lawyer, banker, stock broker… paper pushers. You
always filter every product through your own usage, which is extreme
and NOT the norm.



Hey Jamoto +1,

Here is a pic of a Segway-bound Brazilian I saw in the wild at Burning
Man this year. The woman, with her fabulous pink tutu and umbrella, rented
it for $350 for the week. Due to a lack of rain, the playa dust was
uncharacteristically deep and terrible to bike in, making a Segway an
ideal vehicle this time round. As long as you didn’t run out of juice on
the way out, of course.



PS <3 the show