Buzz Out Loud 835: EFF the DMCA

Several organizations, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation (aka EFF), sent public letters asking the broadcast networks and YouTube to ease up on the copyright takedown notices.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
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Several organizations, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation (aka EFF), sent public letters asking the broadcast networks and YouTube to ease up on the copyright takedown notices. Maybe this campaign season will help shed some light on the issues with the way the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is implemented... as long as it's fixed for all of us and not just politicians. We also get into Sony's new, harsh terms of service, as well as LaLa's move to put your music in the clouds.
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Groups asks YouTube, networks to cool it with political takedown notices

Sirius/XM: 15 *years* before they can merge their technologies? (Meanwhile, two satellite systems continue with wasteful overlap.)

Big Brother is listening (and grabbing): Sony’s new PS3 ToS

Never mind the radiation: fear the cell phone’s nickel

Keyboard sniffers to steal data

Lala's spectacular new music service

Canadian pol: broadband not a luxury, but basic human right

Hardcore computer bringing oil submersion cooling to the masses

Sony “looking into” PSP-3000 screen-interlacing problems

Researchers discover the most creative time of day


What is all this fascination with what you’re doing?

Hey Buzz Crew (and guest)
In regards to yesterdays episode, 834, about Little Big Planet, I’m not sure it was a mistake on the developers part to put the particular song, Tapha Niang, into the game. It’s a beautiful song and they may have just seen it as such. The musician is Toumani Diabate, who is Muslim. His music is widely available and I found the controversial song on iTunes. Will it be pulled from iTunes?

This is not the fist time that sacred Koran text has been injected into video games. In 1998 Zelda: Ocarina of Time; contained a musical track with Islamic phrases, but was pulled from later shipments by Nintendo. Zack & Wiki back in 2007 had Koran phrases removed. I think Call of Duty 4 had some stuff that was objectionable by Muslims, but it was removed as well.
Things might get lost in translation if developers use real-world ideologies and political/religious struggles and real-world places as part of their content. Zombies, aliens, and super-sonic hedgehogs tend not to be easily offended ;-).
Luv da sho!

Vic the Video Game Artist


Talk about in-the-wild, I saw a non Steve Woz segway rider in the wild this past weekend in NYC. I also saw him run over someone’s foot in a crosswalk and the victim shaking his fist and cussin’ in the wild, although sadly, the cussin’ and fist shakin’ is far from rare in NYC.

Love the show…

Charles from Conn.


Hey there JaMoTo & Guest,
There’s no shortage of comments on BoL about Ohio’s uh, irregular voting system. And several months ago Molly put out a request for tech savvy Ohioans to volunteer their services. Well, last week I got the call from the board of elections accepting my request to help. So I’ll be a tech rover for a local (read: uber-rural) precinct troubleshooting voting machines and making sure that things go as smoothly as possible. Thank you for pointing that issue out (although strange to have my civic duty nudged by a West Coast tech podcast). Just wanted you to know that the BoL community is doing our part. Love the show.

Luke in Ohio


Refereing to #830 and the MacBook video:
I'm several episodes back, AND I stopped in the middle of the episode to write this, so I apologize if it's already been established. Machine shops are dirty and greasy!
I visit many machine shops and even the cleanest ones (which are usually a Japanese run plant) are still greasy and dirty. I just watched the Mac video and nothing stood out as being filthy at all.

Cooley mentioned Intel or Asus factories being completely clean. Manufacturing of ICs is completely different then metal manufacturing factories. You HAVE to have grease and coolant in those types of environments. Otherwise all the equipment would rust and seize up. If Cooley's never seen a factory that looked like that, tell him to watch How It's Made on the science channel and look for a product that is manufactured from metal.

P.S. I've ONLY been in factories that look like the one in that video



I’m getting a little worn out by the MacBook Air hate, recalling a
recent nasty comment about the MBA being for “Starbucks posers,” or
something to that effect!…Me? Don’t love Starbucks, do love my
MBA. I’m a bike commuter and gave up a new MacBook for the MBA because
of the significant weight savings and a form factor that is very
comfortable on my back (it’s really smooth and rounded–that’s nice!).
So, it isn’t the very fastest computer, nor the one with the longest
battery life … does every new car have to be the fastest? Does every
new car have to have the best gas mileage (well, maybe these days)?

For a full size, beautiful-screened, full-function work computer with
a great OS that I *will* carry with me everywhere (vs. *have to
carry*) there doesn’t seem to be any competition. Not Netbooks, or
Windows laptops with vista on ‘em.

Granted, my MBA was not bought for full-price (Tom’s suspicion borne
out), but could have been: My company paid 1K for it; I paid the
balance, which worked out to 300 more bones. I might have paid the
balance on the full price, if necessary!

Hate the hatin’, love the show,

Dave in Palo Alto, Calif.