Buzz Out Loud 834: No like juicy cookies!

There's a new smart phone from LG called the Cookie. It has a little more juice than the Palm Centro. But Natali doesn't like juice in her cookies. But that doesn't mean she doesn't like this smartphone.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
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There's a new smartphone from LG called the Cookie. It has a little more juice than the Palm Centro. But Natali doesn't like juice in her cookies. But that doesn't mean she doesn't like this smart phone. We also cover the new mobile browsers and Apple's attack ads against Microsoft.

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Mozilla launches mobile browser

Opera launches mobile version 9.5 for Symbian

Delay of 'Little Big Planet' due to Quran

Microsoft gets patent for real-time f-bomb bleeping

Record label infringes own copyright, site pulled

Microsoft aiming to expand touch screen beyond the Surface

Apple campaign attacking Microsoft’s ad spending

Lawsuit between Apple and Psystar moves toward settlement

Panasonic has the smallest notebook fuel cell

LG’s new touch-screen phone called the Cookie

Number of ET Civilizations in our galaxy is 37,964


The most popular video service.

Morning BOL.

Just a quick note that I thought your listeners would enjoy.

Sony updated the PS3’s firmware last night. It now supports Flash 9.

Which means, I now have Hulu on my TV.


love the show,
Brian in LA

First of all for all those buzzards out there who hate the iGoogle sidebar, I wrote a small script that removes it: http://www.tekpizza.com/2008/10/remove-igoogle-side-bar.html


Dear JaMoTo,

Congratulations on your nomination in the Technology/Science category of the Podcast Awards. Be sure to get the citizens of BuzzTown to vote for you daily — beginning Oct. 23 — at PodcastAwards.com.

Since you aren’t nominated in my category (comedy), I feel I can wish you the best of luck!

Love the show.


After the release of the new Apple notebooks this week and no announcement to support Blu-Ray. It got me thinking….

What would really prevent them from wanting to add support? I reference the “Security Now” podcasts with our friends Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson, specifically episodes 73, 74. They discuss the addition of AACS DRM in in Vista.

In those episodes they go into the hoops and difficulty engineering the high system overhead DRM that Microsoft had to write into Vista to placate the MPAA. Basically, a LOT of code had to be written so that users could not easily copy HDVD (dead), or Blu-Ray content. Not much is said about the amount of processor and system overhead AACS creates but I bet it is a good reason why Vista was slow to market.

My guess is that Steve and the gang at Cupertino really don’t want to completely engineer and insert more buggy, imposed DRM functionality into OS X. It would mean more than just a 10.5.6 update. And a lot of their existing hardware out there would be incompatible.

Love the show!

Randy from Albuquerque, formerly Boise (Go Broncos!), formerly of Missoula (Go Griz!)

Hello JaMoTo+1!

Mike “TheBusyBrain” from St. Petersburg, Fl. here with a realization which I think may cure your cravings for an “In Transit” Voicemail mode that you guys have spoke a good bit about within the last few BOL shows. This only works for the iPhone… (No hacks needed!)


Molly, hopefully this will help keep your calling-while-driving temptations at bay!


Mike J