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Buzz Out Loud 752: This episode is not called 'BOLympics'

There's no way we'd bait the IOC like that, knowing how notoriously aggressive they are about controlling their content. They hardly want anyone to see it. That's why it's all Vista only this year.

There's no way we'd bait the International Olympic Committee like that, knowing how notoriously aggressive they are about controlling their content. They hardly want anyone to see it. That's why all the digital content is Vista only this year. Rimshot! In other news of the day, Nokia bought Symbian, leading analysts to predict everything from global market takeover to complete and utter destruction.

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Nokia buys Symbian, turns software over to Symbian Foundation

The high-tech job capital is the Big Apple?

Microsoft pledges Windows XP support through 2014

NBC Olympics on-the-go download service is Vista only

Radio digital switchover proposed

Co-founder shares surprises, letdowns, morsels from early Microsoft days

T-Mobile to prorate cell phone termination fees

New brief on DARPA’s Vulcan engine

Voice mail

Nerd for hire or absence of joke?


Microsoft’s biggest blunder: Not fighting back vs. Apple


In episode 751, you discussed the merits of ICANN allowing the registration of TLDs. That got me thinking about Apple’s recent decision to change the name of .Mac to MobileMe. I find it ironic that just as Apple drops .Mac (the name never made sense to me anyway), ICANN might allow Apple to create a top-level domain of .mac. One positive note: we are spared the web address “www.apple.mac.”

Am more entertained by your tweets than the show (just kidding),
Shawn in Greeley, CO


Just to let you know, the Apple Cinema Displays do not include a built-
in iSight. This is why old iSight cameras go for high prices on eBay.
The show is awesome!

Trev from Oz.


First for all the angry google browser syncers out there is Mozilla Weave:

It is still in experimental stages but works quite well. I’ve used it
for several months now since switching off of Firefox 2. It is more
like Google Browser Sync than Foxmarks because it syncs bookmarks,
history, saved forms, etc

Lastly I thought you might find this interesting. Our family was chosen
to be a Nielsen Ratings family. So we signed all the paperwork and
sometime later they came out to install the monitoring devices. When
the installer started going over my TV setup, he told us that we could
not participate because I had my computer hooked up to the TV. (as an
auxiliary input) He said this would cause their monitoring device to
report incorrectly.

So if you have an unsupported device then you can not participate in
Nielsen Ratings. While they support devices like DVDs players, VCRs,
and game consoles, it sounds like they don’t support much else. It
seems to me that they are missing a big demographic then. Sounds like
everyone who owns a Windows Media Center, Apple TV, or other computer
like device may be looked over. Sorry techies but it looks like all our
favorite shows are destined to have bad ratings.

Paul from Houston