Buzz Out Loud 739: One tingly pinky

Microsoft finds that we're all in increasing RSI pain thanks to laptops and mobile devices... which they continue to support with mobile versions of Windows. Um. Thanks for the info?

Microsoft finds that we're all in increasing RSI pain thanks to laptops and mobile devices ... which they continue to support with mobile versions of Windows. Um. Thanks for the info? Also today, the space station toilet is fixed, an iPhone patent filing lists some actual features, Comcast is up-front with some slightly reasonable sounding throttling plans, and Microsoft says it's not running a call-in "save XP petition," even though everyone is calling in asking them to save XP. That is just sad.
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Happy Birthday! X86 Turns 30 Years Old

Astronauts Fix Space Station Toilet

All-encompassing iPhone patent filing hints at GPS, video chat

Mac OS X 10.6 code named Snow Leopard, may be pure Cocoa

Comcast to Throttle Biggest Bandwidth Hogs

Cell phone users secretly tracked in study

Yahoo inks InstallShield deal to help propagate toolbar

Microsoft denies it’s running call-in ’save XP’ petition

How to Get and Keep Windows XP After June 30,146330-pg,1/article.html

Microsoft Study Says Repetitive Strain Injury Costs $600m

IBM to cool layered chips with water


Frank rolling Meadows
About those 'self-destructing' DVDs


WWDC announcements

Even as an Apple fanboy, I am exhausted by the constant speculation over
the upcoming WWDC. There are so many rumors flying around, that I
decided to take a quick look at the last “SDK Roadmap” video from
Cupertino. There it was, loud and clear: Stevie J. said (and listed it
on the screen) “The iPhone SDK and Enterprise software will be released
in Late June”, that was months ago and there’s no reason to think they
would deviate from that path, which is why they called it the “SDK
That leaves one to question what will be discussed at WWDC: My Guess: 1.
Demo of latest apps for the SDK and current progress with a late June
release. 2. New 3G iPhone, with beefed up storage and battery life to
take full advantage of the upcoming SDK and Enterprise software. 3.
“Mobile Me” will replace .Mac and all of the features will be listed
(with Demo) and available that day (this could be the “one more thing”
thing) 4. My wish: A new revamped laptop of some sort, maybe a new MBP,
but more likely the latest version of OS X

No, the irony is not lost on me that I just threw my hat into the ring
for continuing rumors and speculation of WWDC. Oh well…such is the
fate of an Apple Fanboy.

Long time listener,

Doug Trace


Why should you upgrade to Windows Vista?

Below is a Microsoft TechNet Newsletter in which Microsoft claims that
Vista is environmentally friendly:

Every 10 PCs that switch to Windows Vista is the equivalent of taking an
automobile off the road, in terms of greenhouse gases.

Love the show,



Recycling from Best Buy

Hello, my first buzz ever

Just letting you know how it should be. In Norway every electronic store
has to accept _all_ electronic equipment and recycle them for free. You
don’t need to buy something, or pay anything, you just leave your gear,
and it gets recycled.

Love the show, saves my workday =)

Helge M. Heggli


Sensible units

Hey BOL,

I found this via the Woot! WWWoundup. It’s called Sensible Units
( It takes boring standard units like
meters, kilograms, feet, pounds, or acres and converts them into
measurements using real objects.

For instance, I’m 6′4″ and 180lbs, and I live on a quarter acre of land.
According to Sensible Units, I’m as tall as 16 CD’s side-by-side, as
heavy as 16 average cats, and live on a tract of land that is as big as
2.9 IMAX screens (which all of a sudden seems so sad).

The cool thing is that doesn’t always use the same standards every time
you enter the same amount. So my being 6′4″ also equates to 1.4 Alaskan
moose antler spans, 38 AA batteries, or 9.7 five month old human fetuses
end to end (gross).

Unfortunately, there are no time conversions.

Anyhow, I thought Buzztown might enjoy this.
In lieu of saying “Love the show!”, I’m going to say, “BOL rocks!”

BOL Rocks!

Vineland, NJ


Say no to Indy? Not likely

As a manager at a small, independent movie theatre (with a 20 screen AMC
theatre literally across the highway), I asked our owner what it would
take for him to refuse a movie such as Indiana Jones, and his answer
was, “There is NO situation where we could say no.” Small theatres that
refused a major movie like that, even with deliberately tampered-with
audio, would simply be dropped from distribution. It would take AMC,
Regal or some other major chain to say THEY won’t accept this before
things would change.

Love the show,


Loopity blah blah, the wrath of

Re: Tully’s Wi-Fi email

Yo Molly,
Sorry about sounding like a bad commercial in my email yesterday.
I didn’t realize it until you went loopity blah blah all over it :-)
Next time I’ll stick to the subject.
Love the Show!

Vic the Video Game Artist