Buzz Out Loud 738: OS X 10.6: Liger, lolcat, or Cougar?

Rumor has it that there will be code details about OS X 10.6 at WWDC. Bold prediction, considering it's a developer's conference. Geniuses. Now, what cat to name it after?

Rumor has it that there will be code details about OS X 10.6 at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference next week. Bold prediction, considering it's a developer's conference. Geniuses. Now, what cat to name it after? Also, Bill Gates gives his last speech on the road to his nearly-full-time-job-retirement; Oklahoma City has a sweet Wi-Fi mesh network that you can't use (unless the password is "password"); and you can now get your Outlook e-mail on an LG enV(2).

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Episode 738

Mac OS 10.6 debuting next week?

Full-featured IE 8 coming in August

Microsoft reports security problem with Apple’s Safari

Firefox 3 is still a memory hog

Bill Gates’s last speech

Verizon Wireless lets you get corporate e-mail without a smartphone

Oklahoma City claims world’s largest municipal Wi-Fi mesh network, leaves public out

‘Call of Duty 4′ hits 10 million units sold

Flip Video’s mighty Mino

NASA toilet might force emergency evacuation

Voice mail

John the Bomb Maker
Here's what I'll do with metered bandwidth.

Better idea for the movie studios

About those MP3 kiosks


Metered bandwidth

Hey BuzzCrew,

On Episode 737, you were talking about metered bandwidth and not knowing
how much bandwidth you use, and 40GB not being good/large enough.

Now Tom, you were talking about having a PS3 or whatever, and using up
all your bandwidth. Now, in my house, we have 3 laptops, a PS3, a Wii,
and I have about 15 podcasts that I listen to. And we only have a 12GB
limit, which we rarely go over, I think once. Ever. (with
1.5MBps/512Kbps). I honestly would not know what I would do with 40GB.
Admittedly, I’m not a torrent user, nor do I download or stream a lot of
video, but I still think 40GB is heaps! Our ISP (and every other one
that I know of in Australia) has a page you can log in to and check your
usage, over 24 hours, weekly, and the overall month. Another thing is
that most ISPs will send you an e-mail when you’re approaching your
limit, so you have some kind of warning that you’re getting close. I
have to say, I think you’re all making a big deal out of something that
won’t make much of a difference to the average user.

Love the show!

Melbourne, Australia
aka DaveBinM


5GB cap?


Can you imagine what would happen if you installed an SP1 version of
Windows XP?! You’d blow half of your cap just getting your updates! I
predict this trial in Texas will be a colossal failure (unless they’re
not testing the cap size itself, but the metering method they’re using).



Meter this!

Hey Tom, Molly, and YOU (Jason!),

This whole issue of metering my bandwidth really doesn’t scare me. My
neighbors haven’t secured their wifi connections yet, and it’s not that
difficult to circumvent WEP security so if I hit my wall, I’ll start
hittin’ someone elses! God Bless you Comcast, you hot sexy waste of
time! Have a good day.

Washington, DC


Whoops! Eff article I used

Sorry about that, It’s in my blog post but it didn’t copy over to the

if you haven’t sent out the show notes yet, or can edit them, that was
the one I was talking about.

…or dont’ worry about it.

Frank J. M. Lattuca, Esq.


Tully’s has free Wifi - you get 24 hours

Yo Buzz Peeps!
Looonng time listener. Big time fan.
So in listening to BOL737 you talked about Starbucks giving you 2 hrs of
free wifi. But you have to use it all at once. And you also have to
get their spam in order to use it. Yea… :-P
Well, here in Seattle, the Tully’s coffee shops offer free wifi all day
(24rh limit) with no sign up, no spam, and you don’t have to use the
hours all at once. All you have to do is agree to their terms upon
logging on to their network (standard stuff).
Besides, their coffees and teas are far superior to Starbuck’s. Plus
they use more fair trade coffees.
Keep on Buzzin’

Vic the Video Game Artist


BOL in a Yahoo crossword?

I’m positive this is one of those things you’ll get a million emails
about (spam spam spam spam), but I was killing time before going into
work today and did a quick Yahoo crossword, and number 10 Down was “Buzz
Out Loud podcast producer”! Let’s see…four letters…MOL-E? TOM-M?
JY-SN? JMTO? No! CNET! Have you finally arrived in the mainstream of
social consciousness if you find yourself in a crossword?

In North Hollywood