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Buzz Out Loud 711: Cat co-host

Brian Cooley fills in for Molly and we get to meet his cat. Sort of.

Brian Cooley fills in for Molly and Jason (tall order). We also meet his kitten Moneypenny, unfortunately she doesn't say much. Even when we talked about kitten CAPTCHA. Oh well.

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Episode 711

Version 1.0 of Yahoo’s new platform due later this year

3G iPhone due on June 9, analysts say;_ylt=AiWJ7KalUxL4TjEG6rMYj3AjtBAF

DOD may push back on Apple’s P.A. Semi bid

Microsoft maintains tough line on Yahoo

Fighting Storm with smog: researchers pollute botnet

Skype launches mobile beta

Mexican attache attempts to make off with White House BlackBerrys

Predicting human errors from brain activity

MIT develops “Quickies”: Post-it Notes for the 21st century

Trackthis tracks packages on Twitter


We talked about DISH worried about free service cards flooding the market. Jack brings up an interesting point.

Sam Nevada
Can a station plead poverty to the digital switchover?

Kitten CAPTCHA foils one man.

Remy - ATE
I’m supporting Larry!


Hey Buzz-Town,

Tom might have guessed that I would write in on this one.

Re: BOL710 (

Sorry to burst your bubble on the molten-metal weapon on doom Molly, but it’s unlikely that the MAHEM device under development by DARPA will be used in space.

The real benefit of the system is that the projectiles projected from the device would form into a natural aerodynamic shape on it’s way to the target. Like the HEAT round mentioned in the article you linked.

Of course this would only work while there’s air to shape the molten metal. So up to an altitude of around 90,000 ft or so.

In space, where the evil-robot piloted spaceships live, no-one can see you breath, so no air, no aerodynamic shaping. There’s no point in melting the metal in the first place. You can just chuck the raw block ‘o metal at the spaceship.

In fact, anything heading into space is usually designed with weight as the primary factor. No need to throw a magnetic-metal-microwave into orbit when cheaper, lighter alternatives exist.

For example, you’re likely to get the same amount of damage from a pack of 20-cent buckshot in a shotgun shell as from a new-tech sliver of metal.

So there’s your solution:

Any time the robot-overlords come knocking, go lookin’ for Granny Clampett and her ol’ double-barrel shotgun, stick a fishbowl on her head, and lob ‘er into space NASA-hillbilly-style.

On a side note, with Molly-Magneto’s built in magnetic field, she could probably create her own MAHEM device for use against jack-booted RIAA representatives. She just needs a heat source to melt the metal. Molly, can you “Rant on Command” and generate enough steam to melt metal ?

Love The Show !!!

--Frank (The Aerospace Engineer)

Time Warner cable DVR love story

You know how people are always complaining about the bad things that happen? Well here’s a shout out for a wonderful software deployment by Time Warner Cable. Over night my Digital Cable DVR from Time Warner Cable was updated with new software. Brand new look with new features including a nifty percent gage telling me how much space I have left on my DVR. A feature I have wanted since my first time through the DVR list adding up how many hours had been recorded (don’t ask me why).

What about my previously recorded materials? All there. How about those shows set to record? Still set to record. In fact every single setting I had was not changed and my universal remote worked as well. For what appeared to be a huge overhaul on the DVR software Timer Warner Cable did an amazing job of not only auto updating the software over the cable line but retaining all settings and previously recorded shows.

For a huge cable provider like TWC you would expect some issues. I am happy to report my DVR is in perfect working order and it was all deployed flawlessly. This is how software updating should be done.

Love the show,


Hey BOLeros, this is Fernando fron Mexico City,

I was listening to the caller on episode 709 comparing using a phone in a plane to using a phone on a bus. Well, I think it’s a completely different situation. People in planes work a lot more than on buses, you always find people with open laptops because you spend much more time on a plane than on a bus. My fear is that you’ll have the typical annoying investment banker or consultant doing calls on the plane and conducting business, effectively moving his/her office to the plane… aghhh it annoys me just to think of it.

Also, what’s with the constant remarks, specially from Molly saying “oh we’re gonna be flooded with e-mails on this” whenever a subject that can arise a predictable e-mail response comes along… just out of curiosity how many emails or voice mails do you actually get? are the majority of them predictable?

Take care now, continue the good work, “LIKE” the show (just to be different :))

Hey Buzz Crew-

It seems many years of hard work have finally paid off.

On Wednesday (April 23) I successfully defended my Ph.D!

Please note I still couldn’t pass the BOL Ph.D, so mine in Human Molecular Genetics, Virology, and Human Gene Therapy will have to do for now.

So yes I can now say I am a “smart” doctor…

— And just to let you know, I had a good laugh as you were all talking about growing meat in a dish, as I was doing that when listening to you- but I basically do that everyday, and my “meat” cells are just kidney cells and bone cells and you’d never want to eat them— *shudder*

Next, Off to Oxford, England (In case you are wondering, I will be working on gene therapy for muscular dystrophy)

So add another “doctor” to your Buzz Town residents ( Though I prefer Professor, as I don’t want anyone thinking I know something about medicine- I haven’t gotten a job like that yet, so I can’t claim that title )

--Tom Merritt (yeah, the doppelganger)
Houston, TX (by May 25th Oxford!)