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Buzz Out Loud 704: Monster in Blue Jeans

Monster tried to shake down Blue Jeans Cables and got smacked down instead. Plus it's crazy law Wednesday!

I have never had so much fun reading a legal response than I did the note from the head of Blue Jeans Cables to Monster Cable. See the episode for the full story. We also determine that politicians across the world are nuts, and I'm not good math.
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Alex Austin
Is the DTV transition going to cause a fight?

Rob Oregon
More noises in electric cars.


Apple monopoly

I was listening to episode 703 where you talk about the claim that Apple has a “monopoly” on Mac OS X, when I realized that the cloner has a point: Way back in the 1970’s the U.S. government forced IBM to allow people to buy OS 370 (it’s mainframe operating system) so that they could install it on clone mainframes!

Thus, you can argue that Psystar’s claim that Apple has a “monopoly” on OS X makes no sense (and I think I would agree) but the fact still remains that Psystar has a legal precedent going back 35 years that says that Apple can’t prevent people from installing their software on non-Apple hardware!

Porkchop D. Clown

Telco’s money

Hey guys,

Listening to the caller make a great point about the money given to the Telcos back in 1996, and I was flabbergasted by how you guys just wrote that off. So much so that I probably would have paused the podcast (for the first time) to write this, except that I was in the middle of a jog. How can you possibly just say that that money is gone, and we should just move on and forget about it. I have almost $200,000 in school loans, does that mean in a couple of year I can just say, well the money's gone and I haven't really done anything with it so let's wipe the slate clean and get me more money. NO WAY!

Though I do thank you for getting me riled up enough to run up the two hills home.

--Ricky from New York