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Buzz Out Loud 701: Doughnut for your hate

Flickr-haters get free doughnuts. If that's what you get for hating, sign us up! Also, Gartner hates on Windows, and no one gets any doughnuts for that.

Flickr-haters get free doughnuts. If that's what you get for hating, sign us up! Also, Gartner hates on Windows, and no one gets any doughnuts for that. Europe rejects plans to criminalize file-sharing, offering doughnuts in the form of broad exemptions for fair use, and Network Solutions gets a big, fat doughnut hole for putting ads on your subdomains.
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Please keep doing the show.

Windows is ‘collapsing,’ Gartner analysts warn;1870375122;fp;;fpid;;pf;1

Europe rejects plan to criminalize file-sharing

Network Solutions advertises on your subdomain

Satellite to be junked because lunar flyby is patented

Attention Flickr video haters: Try a free doughnut

Amazon, Wal-Mart jump on the HD DVD rebate bandwagon

Army brings armed robots home from Iraq over control issues

The PS3 Laptop: From Ben Heck to Engadget with love

Datacenter used to heat swimming pool (Thanks Russ960!)


Best font ever!!!


Well actually…. to myself!

A.C. South Korea
I care about the 3G iPhone


Hello there. I have been listening for about a month now and noticed that just about every (or perhaps every) listener message played ends with a “love the show” — many of which are fairly awkward/misplaced. For example, “I can’t believe you guys feel this way, what are you morons? My 6-year-old son has more common sense than you! Love the show.” I am thinking that your listeners think their message will not be played unless they say “love the show”. If that is the case, there are probably some really good messages that are not being aired. To solve this, I have created a “love the show”
MP3 for you that you can append to all messages that you wouldn’t normally play on air because of the sans “love the show”. Enjoy.

p.s. Love the show


Surfing the Internet on my Nokia N800 during a tornado--yes, seriously…

On Thursday morning there was some local, intense cyclonic activity that passed by my front door. I heard the siren went to my apartment’s “weather protection fortress” (aka my half-bathroom) with a comforter, pillow, and my Nokia N800 which I tuned to the local FM station to get the emergency notice. While the wind and hail was passing my front door, I was just listening to the radio and surfing the Web over Wi-Fi. I checked the featured items and the BOL forum.

After the weather passed, I went back to bed and realized that I was freakin’ surfin’ the Interwebz while I was waiting out a tornado…WOW!

Have a good weekend,

Bandwidth “crisis”


Companies sell a service to customers then complain that there is a bandwidth usage problem. Nearly every network access method is sold based on oversubscription. Companies do this to maximize profits. When they are forced to spend more on infrastructure, it cuts into profits. They don’t raise costs (they cut them and still try to entice new customers on to their networks), they don’t light the No Vacancy sign, they don’t re-engineer--they call in the lawyers and lobbyists to get protection for their bad business model.

I think it is important that this particular tech issue be stripped down to it’s essence of “maximizing shareholder return” (read as: “corporate greed”) instead of a streaming, peer-to-peer, [insert technology or Web site here] story. Their failure to run the business properly and attempts to make others pay for it is the big story that is underreported in the tech sector.

Can we get a good Molly Rant on the subsidization of the network build out and the failure to deliver what was promised soon?

Michael Baker
Columbus, Ohio

Strong Bad video game!

Telltale is creating a Strong Bad video game: Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.


Digital switch-over

Hi BUZZ, you know how TV stations will scroll that white text along the top of your TV usually about impending bad weather without stopping the show you are currently watching? Well I was watching TV last night and the scroll-y text starts going by and explaining the digital switch over in 2009 and where to call to get addition information. Pretty smart, that channel is one of CT’s over the air analog stations. They ran the message once during Jeopardy & once during Wheel of Fortune. Targeted demographic? Absolutely.

Dion in CT

p.s. - I’m not that demographic.

Ten thousand cents

I happened across this site today and its really interesting. It looks like these artists used Amazon’s mechanical turk program and had hundreds of people draw 10,000 frames of a $100 bill. When you load the page you see the entire image being simultaneously drawn. They have something in there about how the money they are earning from selling it is going to go toward the OLPC program, however, Google has apparently frozen their account. Not a whole lot of information, but the animation itself is worth checking out.

Charles in SF.



So, you guys went out for a few pints tonight, excellent. Montreal won their game vs. Boston in the Stanley Cup play-offs. I ask that you guys go drinking every night Montreal plays until some time in June (hopefully). As we all know, correlation is causation…

Go Habs Go

Dave (the psychologist and Habs fan)

Being nice

You guys were so nice at the end of Episode 699! Thank You! :) Seriously, that was great, thanks for playing me!

As usual, love you guys, I promise my next call or e-mail will be more helpful, less whiny!

Have a great day.

Elam Noor
Arden Hills, Minn.