Buzz Out Loud 681: Pi Not Pie

Today is March 14, also known as Pi day, and all we can think about is celebrating by eating large amounts of apple pie. Verizon seems to be warming up to P2P technology, and the music industry is proposing a monthly fee for ISPs to offset the cost of pi

Jason Howell Former Associate Producer
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Today is March 14, also known as Pi day, and all we can think about is celebrating by eating large amounts of apple pie. Verizon seems to be warming up to peer-to-peer technology, and the music industry is proposing a monthly fee for Internet service providers to offset the cost of piracy. Do you think the RIAA deserves a slice?


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Happy Pi day!

Trend Micro’s Web site hacked in massive attack

Verizon embraces P4P, a more efficient peer-to-peer tech

Sweden pursues illegal file-sharers

Music industry proposes a piracy surcharge on ISPs

Google exec: Android will outsell iPhone

What if Apple really opened up the iPhone?

Photobucket: We erred in censoring diapered babies

Mark Cuban bans bloggers from the locker room

Blogging and newspapers, a lesson in how not to brand and market

BattleBots is back!


What has Hulu done to win you over?

Brandon from L.A.
Shouldn’t Sony just say no to Microsoft?


Happy Pi Day to whoever has decided to show up today for BOL!

Enjoy the little song from woot!



Your friendly Doppleganger in Houston, TX …soon to be in Oxford, England (well as of May 23rd)…

Tom Merritt (adding Ph.D to this as of April 23rd!!!!)


I finally got my Blue-ray (ie Violet) Laser pointer! Woo-hoo! (Only $165!)

HD VMD will be big…

big in India …..

over 50 Bollywood movies will available on the format from Eros Group according to Wikipedia

Who wouldn’t want great feature films such as Om Shanti Om and Bhool Bhulaiyaa in the glory of Bollywood High Definition.


Jason’s DirectTV rant

Hey Buzz Gang,

Jason’s DirecTV HD channel rant sounded very familiar! We had the same issue about a month ago. We tried the usual rebooting the box, checking cables, etc. We decided it must be the dish itself, possibly moved after all the storms in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our dish is on the roof of our 2-story townhouse, so we decided to call DTV for help. My husband called for service, and got the same $80 answer Jason got. Instead, he signed us up for a year of service protection for $3.50 a month, and the service call was like $20. Apparently it was “loose cables” on the dish, and now our HD is back, and no climbing ladders and possibly breaking our necks! :) If your dish is in reach, try tightening the cables and checking your satellite alignment first before calling DTV. Also check out DBStalk.com, they have great forums about satellite dish services and they can probably give you some more advice.

Love you guys!
Amy in the East Bay

Do you LOL or BOL?

I know I’m behind the segments of Laughing Out Loud, but this morning I just Busted Out Laughing… which is BOL for short! Coincidence?
Perhaps you have a new thing?



Drinking game

Hey, Luis here from the Philippines.

I just invented a drinking game I’m calling the Molly Smacher.

What you do is you get a bottle of tequila and you listen to the latest Buzz Out Loud episode. And every time Molly bluts out “That’s ludicrous!” or says the word “noted” you take a shot. However, if the episode ends without Molly uttering those words, you replay the episode and take swigs every time she speaks.

You end up drunk no matter what. :)

It sounds fun but nobody’s agreed to play with me. I wonder why. Haha.